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Corbin Forum : Who is Margaret Corbin

Who is Margaret Corbin?

Born November 12, 1751 in Franklin County, PA, Margaret Cochran Corbin was a soldier’s wife during the Revolutionary War. This heroine was orphaned at the age of five following an attack by Native Americans; she then married John Corbin in 1772 (who joined the army in 1776). Margaret became a “camp follower,” following the soldiers in order to take care of the injured and sick, as well as help with cooking and cleaning. During battle she helped her husband load the cannon. During a battle defending Fort Washington, NY, both her husband and the gunner of the canon were killed, leaving her to fire the canon. During this battle, Margaret was injured and lost use of her left arm; however she was placed in the Invalid Regiment which was sent to West Point. Margaret was the first woman to receive pension by the United States government because the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania deemed her a hero for her service to the country. Margaret later died in 1789 in Highland Falls, NY. Her body was later moved to the cemetery of West Point where she is honored as a heroine of the Revolutionary War.

Monument to Margaret Corbin
at the West Point Cemetary