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Publications (Academic Year 2009-10)
  1. G. Conti, S. Bratus, A. Shubina, A. Lichtenberg, R. Ragsdale, R. Perez-Alemany, B. Sangster, and M. Supan; "A Visual Study of Binary Fragment Types"; Black Hat USA; White Paper; July 2010.
  2. J. Doty J, T. OConnor, Gelineau J.; "Technology's limits: The best leader is a human, not a machine" Armed Forces Journal, September 2009.T. OConnor; "Grow Your Own Tools: A Taxonomy of Python Libraries Helpful for Forensic Analysis", submitted to SANS Library for GIAC Gold Forensic Analyst Certification
  3. T. OConnor, J. Doty; "We Need Teams of Cyber Warriors" Army Magazine, January 2010.
  4. T. OConnor, B. Sangster, E. Dean; "Using Hacking To Teach Computer Science Fundamentals", American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Presentation, March 2010.
  5. T. OConnor, B. Sangster; "HoneyM: A Framework for Implementing Virtual Honeyclients for Mobile Devices," WISEC 2010 Conference Proceedings, 2010 ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security, March 2010
  6. J. Rivera, "Applying Architecture Modeling Methodology to the Naval Gunship Software Safety Domain". ACM/IEEE 13th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Language and Systems. Oslo, Norway, 2010.
  7. B. Sangster, R. Ragsdale, G. Conti; "Automated Mapping of Large Binary Objects; Shmoocon; Work in Progress Talk; February 2009.M. Weigand; "Build Your Own Predator at a 99% discount"; ShmooCon Presentation; February 2010.

  8. B. Sangster, T. OConnor, T. Cook, R. Fanelli, E. Dean, W. Adams, C. Morrell, G. Conti; "Toward Instrumenting Network Warfare Competitions to Generate Labeled Datasets," 2nd Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test, Aug. 2009.