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Mr. Michael DeGrave
DPW (845) 938-3080

The USMA Racquetball Hobby Club pulls together a motivated group of cadets through a shared love for competitive sport to practice and compete in singles and doubles racquetball competition.  Respected both on and off the court for their fiercely competitive play, professionalism, and sportsmanship, USMA has established an irrefutable reputation within the Eastern Collegiate Racquetball Conference (ECRC) as a top school in the region.  USMA's impressive reputation and resume culminated last season when both the

Men's and Women's team swept the competition to claim their respective Regional Championships in 2012.

The team practices at Arvin Gym on West Point to prepare for regional and national competitions.  They typically travel to six events (three per semester) consisting of four ECRC meets, a regional ECRC competition, and the annual national racquetball competition (held at ASU in Arizona).  Membership to the club is not limited, and up to eight men and eight women are eligible to travel to each competition.

If you have never tried racquetball then do not worry - you are in the majority.  If you do decide to try it then be warned - you will likely come to love the sport, get hooked, get competitive, and join the existing team in upholding USMAs impressive reputation both on and off the courts in competitions throughout the area.