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Receiving Lines
dca_hostess_receiving.pngReceiving lines are an opportunity to greet your host and hostess of the evening. They are a duty, not an option.

Cadet Duties:
Lead your guests to the receiving line in this order:
  • Mother then Father
  • Grandmother then Grandfather
  • Sister then her spouse/date
  • Brother preceded by his spouse/date
  • Your date, then you
Take off your gloves.

Stand next to the line aide and state the name of each guest clearly as they walk past you through the line: “Mrs. Jones and Dr. Jones. Miss Wilson.” Finally, state your own name and follow your last guest through the line.

Do not shake hands with the line aide. It is the host’s privilege to be the first to shake hands with his guests.

Offer a firm handshake (not too hard – your host is shaking many hands!) and make good eye contact as you say, “Good evening, General Brown/or Sir; Good evening Mrs. Brown/or Ma’am.”

Receiving lines are not the place for lengthy conversation. A few brief words will keep the line moving

. Duties of the Line Aide:
  • Arrive early to introduce yourself to your receiving line participants.
  • Stand at parade rest to discourage guests from shaking your hand.
  • Listen carefully and clearly announce the names of all guests to your host.