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Directorate of Cadet Activities : Tastings and Mixology

Tastings and Mixology 
The Cadet Hostess Office provides assistance for your Company level wine tasting and mixology classes.
Our goal is to develop your appreciation for a variety of wine and liquors as well as to enhance your knowledge of how to properly host and serve with style and class.
The wine tastings are held in Cullum Hall on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
The wine tasting is designed for 24-32 people.  The cost is $335.
The mixology classes are held in Cullum Hall on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Mixology classes are designed for a maximum of 24 participants.  The cost is $375.
Company Activity Officers should contact our office to make arrangements for their Company. Our objective is to provide this opportunity to each of the 36 Companies.
IMPORTANT: The BTD requires that you submit your completed ETP to your TAC Officer 14 days before your event.
The Cadet Hostess Office reserves the building, obtains the vendor agreement, and provides the tables, linens and basic supplies. The vendor will provide the wine and mixology ingredients.
This is your event. You will decide all the particulars, such as: what kind of food to have and how much; dress code; and how the Company should finance the event.
An OIC/NCOIC must be present at the event.

Food suggestions:

From the Commissary (order in advance):
Cheese platters, Deli: 845-938-3462
Fruit platters, Produce: 845-938-2117
Assorted boxes of crackers, cookies, chips and dips, nuts, cold cuts
Fruit (grapes, strawberries)
You will need to provide your own paper supplies: napkins, small plates, toothpicks.
The Commissary is closed on Mondays.