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Department of English and Philosophy : Course List: 17th and 18th Century Philosophy


17th and 18th Century Philosophy


EP375 - Version 2013-1 - 17th and 18th Century Philosophy

Course Description


Course Summary

Taught in seminar format, this course examines a selection of texts written by central figures in the formative centuries of modern European philosophy.  Their ideas have had continuing influence on philosophers down to our present day, as well as profound influence on the development of political thought and on the scientific understanding of human beings.  Two schools of thought will be covered:  Rationalism and Empiricism.  Associated with the first school are the continental philosophers Descartes (widely accepted as the founder of Modern Philosophy), Spinoza and Leibniz.  The school of Empiricism includes the British philosophers Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley and Hume.

Lessons:  40 @ 55 min (2.5 Att/wk)
Special requirements:  None


EP375 - Version 2013-1






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