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20th Century Philosophy


EP377 - Version 2013-1 - 20th Century Philosophy

Course Description


Course Summary

Taught in seminar format, this course will introduce cadets to a representative sample of major figures and topics which have set the stage for understanding contemporary Philosophy in the so-called Analytic Tradition.  Major figures include Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Moore, the philosophers of the Vienna Circle, and American philosophers such as Quine, Putnam, Davidson and Kripke.  Topics include the ideal of a logically perfect language, meaning and reference, the nature of truth, the distinction between analytic and synthetic statements, the common sense analysis of metaphysical concepts, and the rule-centered social nature of language.  As appropriate, leading figures and ideas drawn from Continental Philosophy will be introduced.

Lessons:  40 @ 55 min (2.5 Att/week)
Special requirements:  None


EP377 - Version 2013-1






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