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collapse Issue : 1/7/2015 ‎(6)
Ethics Debate Team Competes at the Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl
On Saturday, December 6th, the Ethics Debate Team travelled to Fairfield, CT, to compete in the annual Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl.
COL John Nelson Presents Paper at International Conference
On 28 November 2014, Colonel John Nelson of the Department of English and Philosophy presented a paper titled "'Grim-visag'd war hath smoothed his wrinkled front': The Rhetoric of War and the Erasure of the Human" at a conference hosted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in Athens, Greece.
Philosophy Forum Hosts Guest Speaker
On Monday, 24 November, 2014, the Philosophy Forum hosted a talk by Dr. John Corvino, Professor and Department Head of the Philosophy Department at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.
GEN (R) Franks Conducts LPD with DEP Faculty
DEP hosted former English instructor GEN (Ret.) Franks in Lincoln Hall on Monday 8 DEC. During this LPD, GEN Franks commented about the value of critical thinking in our Army and the value of a faculty tour in an officer’s development as a professional officer.
Dr Marc Napolitano Performs “A Christmas Carol” for Cadets, Faculty and Community
On Saturday 4 December, in Jefferson Hall’s Haig Room, Dr. Marc Napolitano delivered a dramatic performance of Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.”
Cadets in CFAF’s Hudson Valley Culture Forum Experience the Valley’s Offerings
On Saturday, 6 December, 2014, seven members of the Hudson Valley Culture Forum took a daytrip to see a local legend, eat at a hidden gem, and support local arts. The first stop was Wing’s Castle in Millbrook, NY, a castle-like dwelling that local residents Peter and Lori Ann Wing began building over 40 years ago.
collapse Issue : 12/10/2014 ‎(5)
DEP and SOSH co-host visit by Culinary Institute of America Chefs
Ten student chefs from the Poughkeepsie-based Culinary Institute of America visited West Point this week for the second half of a USMA-CIA Exchange hosted by DEP and SOSH.
EP367 Drama travels to New York University to see “Mummenschanz”
Cadets enrolled in EP367 Drama journeyed to the New York University’s Skirball Center to watch a performance by Mummenschanz. Mummenschanz is a Switzerland-based theatre company famous for producing unique theatrical sketches utilizing nontraditional props and costumes; notably, the troupe’s performances contain neither spoken dialogue nor music.
Vassar Initiative visits West Point for “A Day in the Life”
As part of the DEP-sponsored West Point-Vassar Initiative, seventeen Vassar students traveled to West Point to experience a “day in the life” of a cadet. Vassar guests went to afternoon classes, watched cadets take the Indoor Obstacle Course Test “for record,” and participated in an exercise on the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST).
DEP Conducts Faculty Development Session
On 20 November, MAJ Sean Dansberger presented at the Department of English and Philosophy’s monthly Works-in-Progress Colloquium. MAJ Dansberger discussed the ethics of using autonomous drones for targeted strikes.
CFAF’s African American Arts and Jazz Forums travel to NYC
On 21 November, the African American Arts Forum and the Jazz Forum conducted a trip section to NYC to visit some of the culturally and historically important sites that the city has to offer. The night began at the world-famous soul food restaurant Sylvia’s.
collapse Issue : 3/12/2014 ‎(2)
Elsie Sannes-Pinnell Art Appreciation Forum
On 9 March, cadets from the Elsie Sannes-Pinnell Art Appreciation Forum traveled to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the United States.
The Corbin Women’s Leadership Summit performance
LTC Mercer organized and produced the premiere performance of “The Athena Monologues” as part of the Corbin Women’s Leadership Summit.  The performance took place on Friday evening (March 6) at the Firstie Club.
collapse Issue : 3/4/2014 ‎(4)
Major Nick Utzig Presents at the DEP Works-in-Progress Colloquium
On 20 February, Major Nick Utzig gave a brief presentation during the DEP's monthly Works-in-Progress Colloquium. Major Utzig's talk focused on the use of Dutch in Thomas Dekker's 1599 city comedy, The Shoemaker’s Holiday.
PY201x Workshop, Photography: The Art of Seeing
On 26 February, two sections of PY201x participated in the first in a four part series of workshops on creativity. SSG Torin Olsen, a member of the USMA Band and a professional photographer, led the workshop, which introduced cadets to various aspects of photography as a way to think about creative problem solving, good storytelling, and seeing the world in new ways.
LTC Peter Molin presented a paper on contemporary war literature
Department of English and Philosophy English Academy Professor LTC Peter Molin presented a paper on contemporary war literature at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference in Seattle, WA, 26 February-1 March.  LTC Molin’s paper, entitled “War, Stories:  Fact or Fiction,” was part of a panel titled War Stories:  Truth, Fiction, Conflict, which examined the ethics and aesthetics of representing violence in literature. 
Department Spring Formal
On 1 March, members of the Department of English and Philosophy enjoyed each other’s company outside of the workplace during the Department’s annual dinner dance at the West Point Club.
collapse Issue : 2/26/2014 ‎(3)
DEP West Point-Vassar Initiative Hosts Film Viewing and Guest Lecture
The Department of English and Philosophy Mellon Foundation West Point-Vassar Initiative hosted more than 20 Vassar students and faculty for a day of intellectual exchange and discussion centered on the subject of Race Relations and the Military.
DEP English Professor Dr. Jason Hoppe Receives Prize for Academic Scholarship
A scholarly journal based at the University of Texas Press, Texas Studies in Literature and Language, recently awarded Dr. Jason Hoppe its annual Tony Hilfer Memorial Prize for his essay, “Personality and Poetic Election in the Preceptual Relationship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson, 1862-1886,” published in TSLL 55.3 (Fall 2013).
EP380 Eastern Thought Hosts Guest Lecture
On 29 January and 19 February, LTC Chris Mayer’s EP380 elective, Eastern Thought, hosted guest lectures by CPT Jason Halub, USMA D/History.
collapse Issue : 2/19/2014 ‎(2)
Guest Lecture for EN 102 (Literature)
On 6 February, Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Highly gave a guest lecture to MAJ Erin Hadlock's EN102 sections in support of the class theme, "Identity and the Human Brain."
LTC West led a faculty seminar on “Responding to Cadet Writing” with the Department of Social Sciences
On 11 February, LTC Joe West conducted a professional development session for the Economics Program of the Department of Social Sciences. Twenty-two faculty members attended. The session, "Responding to Cadet Writing," recognized that each department at USMA has opportunities to reinforce lessons cadets learn in other departments.
collapse Issue : 2/12/2014 ‎(2)
Dr. Graham Parsons Guest Lectured on Just War Theory at Marist College
On 7 February, Dr. Graham Parsons gave a lecture sponsored by Marist College's Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies titled "The Dualism of Modern Just War Theory." Dr. Parsons argued that some conceptions of modern Just War Theory are fundamentally incoherent due to their attempt to reconcile two incompatible theories of justice. The talk was very well attended by students, cadets, and faculty from numerous colleges in the region.
Exclusive screening of “Breath of Freedom” for Black History Month
On Wednesday, 19 February, DEP will host a visit by Vassar College’s Dr. Maria Hoehn and several Vassar students. Our guests will receive an admissions briefing focused on diversity goals, have lunch in the USMA dining facility and attend afternoon classes with cadets. In the evening, they will attend a screening of Breath of Freedom, a documentary film based on Professor Hoehn’s book by the same title.
collapse Issue : 2/5/2014 ‎(4)
Class of 2015 APL Majors Attend Honors Thesis Information Briefing
On 29 January, Art, Philosophy, and Literature majors from the class of 2015 attended an information brief & lunch introducing them to the department Honors Thesis process. LTC Dave Harper, Department Head COL Scott Krawczyk, and other faculty members explained the value of writing a thesis and the process for proposing a thesis topic.
Cadets in the African American Arts Forum visit New York City
On 29 January, Dr. Jason Hoppe led ten cadets in the African American Arts Forum to New
York City to explore “Harlem and the Arts, Then and Now.” The group began with a walking
tour of Harlem, starting out at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and briefly
stopping by the longtime home of the famed poet Langston Hughes.
LTC Chris Mayer attended a Multinational Capability Development Campaign
From 28 to 30 January, LTC Chris Mayer attended a Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC) seminar focused on the human, technical, legal, and operational implications of increasing autonomy in systems used by military forces.
LTC Peter Molin hosted a visit of a Horace Mann Preparatory School Class
English instructor LTC Peter Molin hosted a visit to West Point by a Horace Mann Preparatory School class studying war and literature and reciprocated with a classroom visit to Horace Mann, located in the Bronx, NY.
collapse Issue : 1/29/2014 ‎(3)
Dr. Query guest-taught at Fishkill Correctional Facility
In November, Dr. Patrick Query guest-taught a class on King Lear at the Fishkill Correctional Facility. He was invited to teach there by Dr. Rana Liebert, the Site Director and a faculty member of the Bard Prison Initiative.
LTC Naomi Mercer presents at the DEP Works-in-Progress Colloquium
On 23 January, LTC Naomi Mercer presented her work in progress concerning the literature of Toni Morrison. The presentation, titled "Masculine Disruptions of Othermothering in Toni Morrison’s Beloved," drew an audience of approximately twenty-five cadets, faculty, and staff members who provided valuable feedback to LTC Mercer’s work.
EN102 cadets “grip hands” with poetry and art from “The Corps of an Earlier Day”
On 28-29 January, MAJ Crouse’s EN102 sections conducted a poetry lab with the help of the Jefferson Library’s Special Collections Department. Students explored various forms of cadet artistic expression found in several publications, including Pegasus Remounts, The Pointer, and The Circle in the Spiral.
collapse Issue : 1/22/2014 ‎(2)
LTC Molin participated in an electronic roundtable discussion
Academy Professor of English LTC Peter Molin participated in an electronic roundtable discussion called On War Writing, hosted by war poet Brian Turner for Prairie Schooner, a prestigious academic journal sponsored by the University of Nebraska.
Article of Dr. Graham appears in the Journal of Military Ethics
Philosophy instructor Dr. Graham Parsons published "What is the Classical Theory of Just Cause? A Response to Reichberg" in the current issue of the Journal of Military Ethics. The article is a reply to Dr. Gregory Reichberg's criticism of Dr. Parsons' previous article "Public War and the Moral Equality of Combatants" and is followed in the journal by another response from Dr. Reichberg, a professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo, an independent peace studies institute in Oslo, Norway.
collapse Issue : 1/14/2014 ‎(2)
Cadet Fine Arts Forum (CFAF): Jazz Forum hosts SFC Mike Reifenberg from the USMA Jazz Knights in an educational session titled, “Get to Know Jazz.”
On 2 December, cadets from the Jazz Forum gathered in a classroom setting to enjoy a class provided by SFC Reifenberg from the USMA Jazz Knights.
The 129th Modern Language Association Annual Convention
Three Department of English and Philosophy faculty presented papers at the Annual Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention, held in Chicago from 8-12 January. COL Scott Krawczyk joined other renowned scholars on a round table exploring “War in Literature, 1754-1815,” and later presented a paper titled “Assessment and Invention in the Humanities” during a special session titled “What is the Impact of Humanities Scholarship?” Professor Marc Napolitano presented a paper titled “‘There’s Going to Be a Change in This Workhouse’: Lionel Bart’s Oliver! and Postwar Youth Culture” on a panel titled “Broadway Babies.” LTC Dave Harper presented a paper titled “‘Sad Conclusions’: Paradise Lost and Political Genre” on a panel examining “Milton in the Long Restoration.”
collapse Issue : 12/31/2013 ‎(1)
Winter Newsletter 2013
collapse Issue : 12/18/2013 ‎(2)
Award-winning war photojournalist Michael Kamber meets with EN101 cadets
On 11 December, award-winning war photojournalist Michael Kamber met with the EN101 cadets in the course’s "Future of Democracy" module. Kamber is the author of the recently published Iraq War photograph anthology Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories from Iraq.
PY201 cadets participate in video conference on moral dilemmas in war
On 11 December, four sections of Philosophy 201 hosted a video conference talk with Mr. Justin Watt in Lincoln Hall’s Holt Room. In 2006, Watt was a Private First Class serving in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division.
collapse Issue : 12/11/2013 ‎(7)
Native American Heritage Month Observance
Cadets from the Native American Heritage Forum, in conjunction with the USMA Equal Opportunity Office and the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic, hosted the 2013 Native American Indian Heritage Month Observance in the Riverside Café, Eisenhower Hall, on 20 November. 
EN 102 sections visit USMA astronomy club
On 25 November, students from MAJ Nicholas Utzig’s EN102 sections visited the USMA Astronomy Club for a night of extraterrestrial observation.
Human Rights Watch visits the Philosophy Forum
On 25 November, two scholars from Human Rights Watch (HRW) visited the Philosophy Forum to discuss their position on fully autonomous weapon systems, or “killer robots.”  These weapon systems would be able to select and engage targets without human intervention.
Dr. Betsy Chunko’s guest lecturer at the MOMA
On the evening of 4 December, Dr. Betsy Chunko gave a guest lecture to the Elsie Sannes-Pinnell Art Appreciation Forum on the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. This forum is dedicated to enhancing cadets' exposure to, education in, and appreciation for fine art, sculpture, and architecture. 
Ethics Forum: A moral analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s leadership and ethics
On 5 December, MAJ Danny Cazier and MAJ Kevin Schieman presented a moral analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s leadership and ethics to a forum of western Pennsylvania school superintendents organized by the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education. 
Cadet Fine Arts Forum luncheon
On 6 December, the Department of English and Philosophy (DEP) hosted a Cadet Fine Arts Forum (CFAF) luncheon in honor of the faculty and cadets of the various CFAF clubs.  This event featured Richard Barlow Adams, author and USMA alumnus (’67), presenting an account of Charles Dickens’ 1842 visit to West Point and his inspiration for writing “A Christmas Carol.” 
Dramatic reading of Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol”
On 08 December, Dr. Marc Napolitano gave a dramatic reading of Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" in the Haig Room. During the performance, Dr. Napolitano enacted all of the novella's major characters, including Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, and Tiny Tim.
collapse Issue : 11/27/2013 ‎(7)
LTC Molin’s Blog on War Literature and Art Featured in Veteran’s Day Newspaper Article
LTC Peter Molin’s blog Time Now: the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars in Literature, Art, and Film was featured in a Veterans Day news story that appeared in the online and print version of the Phillipstown, NY newspaper.  Link to the newstory: 

Link to LTC Molin’s blog: 
EP395: Guest Lecture by Professor Michael Doyle and Professor Paul Poast
On Thursday, 14 November, during EP395 hosted an evening lecture in Robinson Auditorium by Professor Michael Doyle, Harold Brown Professor of International Affairs, Law and Political Science at Columbia University and current chair of the United Nations Democracy Fund. 
EN101: Composition - Art and the Making of Meaning
On 15 November, COL Scott Krawczyk, Robert Mcloughlin, and CPT Barrett Ward led a group of twenty-six cadets to Brooklyn and Manhattan for an art and culture engagement.
The One Book/One New Paltz (OBONP) Program
On 20 November 2013, LTC Joe Wyszynski, CPT (P) Deborah Daley, and Dr. Jason Hoppe participated in a panel presentation and discussion of Toni Morrison’s Home at SUNY New Paltz in support of the One Book/One New Paltz shared reading initiative.
MAJ Ian Fishback Presents at the DEP Works-in-Progress Colloquium
On 21 November, MAJ Ian Fishback presented his work in progress concerning just war theory.  The presentation, titled "The Proportionality Omission in the Ethics of Self- and Other-Defense," drew an audience of approximately 25 faculty members and cadets who provided valuable feedback to MAJ Fishback’s work.
Conference: “On the Very Idea of Secret Laws: Transparency and Publicity in Deliberative Democracy”
On 22-23 November, MAJ Ian Fishback participated in the conference “On the Very Idea of Secret Laws: Transparency and Publicity in Deliberative Democracy” at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law.
2013 The Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl
Two West Point teams, under the direction of LTC John Bauer and MAJ Danny Cazier, participated in the Northeast Regional Ethics Bowl at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT on 23 November.  The Ethics Bowl competition requires cadets to analyze 15 ethically charged case studies and argue their proposed resolution against teams from other schools in the region.
collapse Issue : 11/20/2013 ‎(5)
EN102 Literature Academy Idol Competition
On 13 November, the Department of English and Philosophy held its “Academy Idol” Shakespearean monologue competition for students in the fall sections of EN102 Literature.  Eight finalists performed monologues from a variety of Renaissance era plays including Hamlet, The Tempest, Doctor Faustus, and Henry V. 
EP433 Senior Seminar Trip Section to Motorcyclepedia and the Storm King Art Center
On 7 November, cadets in COL Mike Stoneham’s EP433 Senior Seminar extended their inquiry into the oft-complex relationships that humans have with machines beyond the EP433 Senior Seminar classroom by exploring the world of motorcycles and the history of their creation in America at Newburgh, NY’s Motorcylepedia Museum, Ted Doering’s remarkable celebration of the history of motorcycles in America. 
EN101 Composition – Gender Module Guest Lecture with Ms. Allyson Robinson and Professor Morten Ender
On 13 November, Allyson Robinson, a transgender West Point graduate, and Professor Morten Ender of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership spoke to EN101 Composition cadets in the Gender module about the theoretical and lived consequences of gender production.
LTC Brian Imiola contributes to the Boston Review Symposium on Unjust War
LTC Brian Imiola contributed to the November-December 2013 issue of the Boston Review, which focuses on the responsibilities of soldiers who are ordered to participate in an unjust war. 
APL Philosophy Track Majors Thesis Works-in-Progress Sessions
On 13 and 15 November, cadets enrolled in the Philosophy Track of the APL Major’s Senior Thesis and Honors Program presented on their work to DEP faculty and fellow cadets in two works-in-progress sessions. 
collapse Issue : 11/13/2013 ‎(11)
Fall Social for APL Majors
The Department hosted a Fall Social for APL majors on Tuesday, 29 October in the Haig Room in the Jefferson Library.   The Social brought approximately 50 cadets and 25 faculty members together to eat lunch, exchange information, and socialize.
EP395: Guest Lectures by Department of Law Faculty
LTC Walt Narramore and LTC Mark Visger from the Department of Law guest lectured in our EP395 interdisciplinary special topics elective, “Killing in the Name Of: The Ethics, Law, and Effectiveness of Political Violence.” 
Officer Professional Development Session
On 30 October, LTC Joe West led an Officer Professional Development session with the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering.  The OPD session, "Responding to Cadet Writing," recognized that each department at USMA has opportunities to reinforce the lessons cadets learn in other departments. 
2013 New York Metro American Studies Association Conference (on "American Masculinities")
Dr. Jason Hoppe presented a paper at the annual conference of the New York Metro American Studies Association, whose theme was "American Masculinities," on 2 November 2013. In his paper, "Long Gray Lines in the Sand: Gender, Belonging, and Brinksmanship at West Point," Dr. Hoppe examined media discourses surrounding the recent spike in sexual harassment and assault scandals in the military.
Theater of War
On Sunday 3 November, LTC Peter Molin and 12 cadets attended Theater of War, a dramatic reading of the classic Greek play Ajax by Sophocles, at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY. 
EN101: Composition – Future of the Environment Module
On 4 November, COL John Vermeesch (Deputy Director of the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic) and LTC Brian Imiola (Academy Professor in the Department of English and Philosophy) spoke to cadets in the "Future of the Environment" module of EN101 (Composition) to discuss the future of the Army environment with a focus on professionalism, professional identity, the military ethic, and the impact of the Millennial Generation.
Environmental Ethics in the 2013 SIMEX
On 23 October, 29 October, and 31 October, the Department of English and Philosophy participated in the SS202 (American Politics) Congressional Simulation Exercise (SIMEX) for the first time.  This year SS202 cadets are simulating the establishment of a new national energy policy by members of Congress and various interest groups. In support of this effort, MAJ Sean Dansberger gave a brief lecture on environmental ethics to the SS202 cadets.
Presentation by Israeli Defense Force Colonel Bentzi Gruber: “Ethics in the Field: An Inside Look at the Israeli Defense Forces.”
On 6 November, Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Colonel Bentzi Gruber gave a presentation titled, “Ethics in the Field: An Inside Look at the Israeli Defense Forces.”  COL Gruber’s presentation used first-hand accounts of IDF counter-insurgency operations to highlight the legal and moral dilemmas of waging counter-insurgency operations and the challenge of making life and death decisions in a matter of seconds. 
EP361: Western Art, Prehistory through the Middle Ages class visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City
On 1 November, Dr. Betsy Chunko took her EP361 (Western Art, Prehistory through the Middle Ages) class to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. 
Film Forum – Department of English and Philosophy Cadet Fine Arts Forum
On 5 November, Dr. Keith Hamel (Editorial Manager, West Point Association of Graduates and a film studies PhD) led the Cadet Film Forum in a lively discussion of Quentin Tarantino’s critically acclaimed film, Reservoir Dogs. 
Vassar Students visit West Point: A “day-in-the-life-of-a-cadet.”
On 8 November, the Department of English and Philosophy’s Mellon Foundation West Point-Vassar Initiative hosted 15 Vassar students for a "day-in-the-life-of-a-cadet."  Vassar students attended classes with cadet sponsors, ate meals in the Cadet Mess Hall, engaged targets at the electronic simulation range, and ran the Indoor Obstacle Course.
collapse Issue : 10/30/2013 ‎(3)
Art Appreciation Forum Trip Section
This past weekend, five cadets from the Elsie Sannes-Pinnell Art Forum visited The Frick Collection, one of NYC's most celebrated collections of sculpture, painting, and architecture.
The 2013 Conference on John Milton
LTC Dave Harper presented a paper at the 2013 Conference on John Milton, hosted by Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 17-20 October 2013.
The Philosophy Forum hosted Professor Nancy Sherman
On October 22nd, the Philosophy Forum Hosted Professor Nancy Sherman from Georgetown University in the Haig Room of the Jefferson Library. 
collapse Issue : 10/22/2013 ‎(3)
Annual Conference of the Association for Political Theory
On 11 October, Dr. Graham Parsons presented a paper, "Public War, Individualism, and the Traditional Social Contract," at the annual conference of the Association for Political Theory at Vanderbilt University. 
EN102: Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Workshop
On 16 October, cadets enrolled in the advanced sections of EN102 Literature participated in a two-hour workshop with professional actors and teaching artists from the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. 
SS457 Guest Lecture: “Advanced Studies in Grand Strategy.”
On 17 October, MAJ Ian Fishback, lectured for a Social Sciences course, SS457 "Advanced Studies in Grand Strategy." 
collapse Issue : 10/16/2013 ‎(1)
American Literature Association War and Literature Conference
LTC Peter Molin presented a paper and moderated a panel at the American Literature Association War and Literature Conference, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, 10-12 October 2013. 
collapse Issue : 10/9/2013 ‎(7)
Vassar Trip Section
On 26-27 September, LTC Peter Molin escorted 25 West Point cadets to Vassar College to take part in events commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement March on Washington and to explore issues associated with the military, race, and social change. 
EN302: Advanced Composition through Cultural Studies
On 25 September, MAJ Sean Case and Dr. Jessica Stock interviewed Dr. Robyn Creswell, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Brown University. In addition to serving as the poetry editor for The Paris Review, Dr. Creswell edited and translated Sonallah Ibrahim’s That Smell and Notes from Prison, the latest addition to EN302’s consideration of Egypt.
West Point’s Defense and Strategic Studies “War Council” Series
MAJ Ian Fishback's remarks on the morality of chemical weapons at the DSS panel on Syria were published in the on-line version of _Small Wars Journal_.  The remarks can be found at the following link:
Hwarangdae International Symposium Held at the Korean Military Academy in Seoul
From 29 September to 1 October, LTC Brian Imiola attended the 17th Hwarangdae International Symposium held at the Korean Military Academy in Seoul.  The title of this year’s conference was Leadership for Military Leaders: Theories, Applications, and New Perspectives. 
Art Appreciation Forum
Members of the Elsie Sannes-Pinnel Art Appreciation Forum, accompanied by MAJ Erin Hadlock, visited Storm King Arts Center on 28 September. Anne Marie Schoonhoven, SKAC docent and friend of DEP, introduced cadets to the collection's larger-than-life sculptures through history, materiality, and perspective.
Research Trip to the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas
Patrick Query traveled to Austin, Texas on 25 September to conduct research at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas.
Philosophy Forum
On October 8th, 2013, the Philosophy Forum hosted Dr. Jordan Pascoe from Manhattan College.  Dr. Pascoe presented a view that attempts to reconcile Immanuel Kant’s view of rights with his views on retributivism.  She examined the difficult case of dueling military officers, concluding that Kant argues for a consistent right to life, but struggles with conflicting duties of life and honor. 
collapse Issue : 9/25/2013 ‎(4)
Connecting Science and Literature in EN102
On 18 September, Dr. (COL) Alan Beitler, a surgeon from Keller Army Community Hospital gave a presentation on Hippocrates, Galen, and humoral theory to MAJ Utzig’s EN102 sections.
Creative Writing Forum Poetry Meeting
The Creative Writing Forum had its second meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 17. The event focused on providing extensive feedback on poems submitted by the Cadets.
Senior Seminar
On 23 September, COL Italo Bastianelli (OB/GYN at Keller Army Hospital) visited COL Mike Stoneham's Senior Seminar (EP433) class to provide perspectives on the efforts of bio-engineers, geneticists, and obstetricians to enable the birth of healthy children. 
DEP Works-in-Progress Colloquium
On 19 September, LTC Peter Molin presented his work in progress concerning literary representations of wounded veterans in Iraq and Afghanistan war fiction. 
collapse Issue : 9/17/2013 ‎(3)
EP433: Senior Seminar
On 11 September, COL Grant Jacoby (Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) visited COL Mike Stoneham’s Senior Seminar (EP433) class to provide perspectives on the valuable way in which disciplines as diverse as philosophy, literature, computer science, mechanical engineering, mathematics, and electrical engineering all converge when considering how to best employ robotics and smart technology in service to humanity.
West Point Writing Center Grand Opening
On 16 September, the Department of English and Philosophy (DEP) hosted the grand opening of the West Point Writing Center (WPWC) in Jefferson Hall 423. COL Scott Krawczyk and Dr. Jason Hoppe, the Director of the Writing Fellows Program and the WPWC, hosted a small reception before conducting the ceremonial ribbon cutting.
Creative Writing Forum (CWF)
The Creative Writing Forum (CWF) of the Cadet Fine Arts Forum held its first meeting of the year on 10 September in Jefferson Hall. 
collapse Issue : 9/11/2013 ‎(3)
EP333: Cultural Studies Trip Section
On 31 August, COL Scott Krawczyk and Dr. Richard Schoonhoven took 10 cadets from EP333: Cultural Studies to see a performance of King Lear, performed by the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival across the river at Boscobel. 
Philosophy Forum Hosts Dr. Fiery Cushman
On 9 September, the CFAF Philosophy Forum hosted Dr. Fiery Cushman of Brown University’s Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences.
Interdisciplinary “War Council” Discusses Potential Intervention in Syria
MAJ Ian Fishback provided an ethical perspective to the interdisciplinary "War Council" panel sponsored by DSS on Friday, 6 September.
collapse Issue : 9/4/2013 ‎(3)
Philosophy Forum Guest Speaker
On 27 August, Dr. Ping Cheung Lo of Hong Kong Baptist University spoke to the Philosophy Forum. Dr. Lo has presented his work on the ethics of war at several prominent venues, including the annual McCain Conference sponsored by the U.S. Naval Academy.
Northern New England Philosophical Association Conference Paper
On 24 August, Captain Lay Phonexayphova presented a paper titled “Lessons from Yusufiyah: Agency and the Professional Military Ethic” at a conference sponsored by the Northern New England Philosophical Association (NNEPA) at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. 
Cadet Fine Arts Forum (CFAF) Membership Night
The department’s Cadet Fine Arts Forum (CFAF) showcased its ten clubs at the DCA-sponsored “Club Night” on Monday, 26 August.
collapse Issue : 8/28/2013 ‎(9)
Influence of Setting
On 12 June 2013, MAJ Nicholas Utzig led his EN102 STAP cadets to New York to examine the influence of setting on poetic creation. 
PY201 STAP: The Ethics Block
In PY201, SFC Mark Tonelli and the USMA Jazz Knights led a workshop for cadets focused on helping them understand how jazz improvisation works and how it might serve as a metaphor for the way we think about ethics.
Cadet Summer Training 2013: Land Navigation
Eight members of DEP, augmented by five newly commissioned Lieutenants, conducted advanced land navigation training and leadership development for the classes of 2014 and 2015 and oversaw the training for the class of 2016.
Philosophy AIAD
Seven cadets completed two interdisciplinary AIADs on morality and law in war.  A June AIAD at Rutgers University focused on jus ad bellum (justice of war), while a July AIAD at Georgetown University focused on jus in bello (justice in war). 
Literature, Nature, and Culture AIAD
MAJ Charlie Markley and CPT Barrett Ward led five cadets to multiple locations on an AIAD that explored the various ways that cultures interact with nature through the arts. 
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