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  Established in 1934, this award recognizes excellence in the Art, Philosophy, and Literature major.

         awardswreath.jpg2015    CDT Zachary Hoffman

awardswreath.jpg2014    CDT Katharine L. Fitzpatrick 

awardswreath1.jpg 2013    CDT Emily B. McCarthy  

 awardswreath1.jpg2012     CDT Kelley C. Duke

  The Thompson Family Memorial Award


The Thompson Family Memorial Award was established in 1973. A mounted saber is awarded to the cadet in   the graduating class most distinguished in writing across the curriculum.

awardswreath1.jpg2015    CDT Taylor S. Allen

awardswreath1.jpg2014     CDT Taylor S. Allen 
awardswreath1.jpg2013     CDT Thomas G. Ankenbauer

awardswreath1.jpg2012     CDT Gabriel M. Royal


  The Hoy Prize for Excellence in Writing

Named in honor of Colonel (Retired) Pat C. Hoy II, USMA 61, at the bequest of Mr. Eric Madoff (USMA 87), this award honors superior writing ability demonstrated by a member of the plebe class.


          awardswreath1.jpg2015       CDT Baily Bowlin

          awardswreath1.jpg2014       CDT Andrew W. Beckmann


   The Joseph W. Stilwell Award for the Professional Military Ethic

This award is given to the PY201 cadet who in writing, discussion, and classroom demeanor best exemplifies the hallmark values of General "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell: intellectual honesty, keen moral insight, and commitment to the professional military ethic.

awardswreath1.jpg2015    CDT Samuel Mahle

awardswreath1.jpg2014     CDT David D. Grossman

awardswreath1.jpg2013     CDT Alexander G. Kovaka

awardswreath1.jpg2012     CDT Joshua C. Ecker 

  Stevenson Memorial Award 

This Award was established in 1972 in memory of the late Major General Stevenson and is pre-sented to the cadet who has displayed superior leadership in the Cadet Fine Arts Forum.
 awardswreath1.jpg2015     CDT Mark Van Kopp
 awardswreath1.jpg2014     CDT Ethan C. DewartDaniel S. Lucero
 awardswreath1.jpg2013     CDT Daniel S. Lucero
 awardswreath1.jpg2012     CDT Megan C. Holt
  BG Carroll E. Adams Award
The BG Carroll E. Adams Award is given annually to the author of the best senior thesis in the Art, Philosophy, and Literature program, the multidisciplinary major in the USMA Department of English and Philosophy. 
​2015 ​CDT Mark Van Kopp
​2014 ​CDT Evan J. Leake
​2013 ​CDT Stephanie J. Wangeman
2012 CDT Lee P. Wakeman
2011​ CDT Mandi Rowell
​2010 ​CDT Colin O’Brien
2009 ​CDT Elizabeth Lazzari
2008​ CDT ​Kirsten Dawson
2007 CDT ​Marya  Rosenberg
2006 CDT ​Thomas Berry
2005 ​CDT Alexander Raggio
2004 CDT ​Timothy Crook
​2003 CDT ​Joseph Nickel