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Why Study Philosophy? 


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​​​Philosophy builds conceptual skills you will need as an officer in any branch of the Army and as an educated professional throughout your life- skills essential to leadership. Philosophy demands clarity, objectivity, sound reasoning, good writing, and a sense of fairness. It is the native home of Critical Thinking.


USMA Philosophy Major Brochure 2018.pdfUSMA Philosophy Major Brochure 2018.pdf 


Philosophy Course Descriptions 2018.pdfPhilosophy Course Descriptions 2018.pdf


Philosophy promotes:

Ethical Reflection

Philosophy gives the future officer a rational framework for understanding the ethical principles behind duty and right conduct and for resolving tensions between them.

Cultural Awareness

The mind and values of distant cultures reveal the universal character of humanity; ancient Greece and Rome (pursuit of the good life); the Far  East (the goal of inner happiness); early Modern Europe (science in conflict with religion). Logic reveals rules which lie at the heart of reason itself.

Education in the Fullest Sense

Philosophical enquiry helps define a university education. Philosophy enlarges the self. The questions are fundamental, intriguing, compelling, and enduring: Can we prove the existsence of God? What is the place of mind in the physical world? Is human freedoom compatible with the necessity of scientific laws? What does it mean that people are "created equal"? Philosophy is not a body of facts; it is the spirit of investigating facts.


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