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Foreign Academy Exchange Program

The Foreign Academy Exchange Program (FAEP) offers a great opportunity for you to improve your firsthand knowledge of language and culture. Your level of language proficiency will directly influence your selection. Most recent exchanges have been to countries whose languages are taught at USMA. If you are a concentrator there is an excellent chance you will have the opportunity to represent USMA at an academy abroad. FAEP visits are scheduled during spring break, are fully funded and are one more reason to pursue advanced language study. First you meet and visit cadets abroad in March, and then you host them here at USMA in April. You show your new international friends life as you experience it at West Point and in America, and hopefully continue a personal and professional relationship throughout your professional career. Test your language and culture skills in countries such as:
Argentina Ecuador Kazakhstan Spain
Austria Egypt Kyrgyzstan Tunisia
Belgium El Salvador Mexico Ukraine
Bolivia France Moldova Uruguay
Brazil Germany Mongolia Venezuela
Chile Guatemala Morocco UAE
China* Honduras Peru Uzbekistan
Colombia India Portugal
Costa Rica Japan Russia
Dominican Republic Jordan Saudi Arabia
* Currently unavailable due to military-to-military restrictions.
Semester abroad in China