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Department of Foreign Languages : French Abroad Program


Study French in an intensive environment at one of France’s Military language schools. Explore a new culture during a three-week period of orientation and travel. You may also qualify for longer programs in Avignon. You can train with French army units in France and in Africa, including training with French Marines and the Foreign Legion in Djibouti and Gabon, as well as opportunities to attend French Army Airborne and Commando Schools. Requirements: Inquire about special requirements.
Academic Credit: 3.0 hours Number of Cadets: 50 maximum
US and French graduates of French Commando School
FRENCH at Foreign Military Academies and Civilian Universities
In this highly competitive program you attend a semester abroad at a French-speaking Military Academy or civilian university. If selected, you participate in the three-week language school AIAD described above before attending the academy during the fall semester. You may participate in training exercises with French-speaking cadets and take academic classes for equivalent credit at West Point. This program is the premier opportunity to significantly improve your French skills, to live in a French culture, and to develop enduring friendships with future counterparts.
Requirements: Intermediate French (LF 361/362), with recommended prior completion of LF475/LF476. You will be interviewed in French by a panel of instructors. Selection is by order of merit. Performance in French may be the deciding factor.
Academic Credit: Successful completion of coursework at the exchange academy will be given equivalent credit on the USMA transcript.
Number of Cadets: 8-12 maximum per semester