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Department of Foreign Languages : Prospective Faculty

Teach in the Department of Foreign Languages

Thank you for your interest in teaching in the Department of Foreign Languages! We are constantly searching for top-quality Army Officers with extensive knowledge of foreign languages and cultures to teach and share their experiences with the Cadets at USMA.  We believe that knowing a foreign language is a vital part of understanding other cultures and peoples.  Our instructors help to prepare future Officers to lead Soldiers no matter where in the world the Army sends them.
For the Faculty Search Period with a deadline of 26 October 2018, we are specifically looking for instructors of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Persian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Those officers would start graduate school, if necessary, during the Summer of 2020, with a follow-on assignment in the Department of Foreign Languages at West Point, beginning o/a 1 July 2022.
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In order to teach in the Department of Foreign Languages (DFL) an Officer must:
·      be in the grade of O3 or above (primary focus on YG2011, 2012 and 2013)
·      be a career course graduate
·      be  Company Grade Key Development (KD) complete (NLT start of Graduate School)
·      possess the aptitude to teach one or more of the languages within the DFL, based on DLPT score and a Candidate Interview
·      possess at least a Master’s degree in the language being taught
       Graduate Study concentrations such as Area Studies may only be considered on a case-by-case basis and approved by the DFL Chain of Command.
You can apply to join the rotating military faculty through the Army Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) program (Master’s or, in some cases, Ph.D.) or through a direct fill assignment (if you already possess at least a Master’s Degree and display proficiency in the language). 
If selected to teach in DFL, the Army will grant you a fully paid Scholarship to earn a graduate degree from a U.S. University of your choice (concentrating in literature, linguistics, or second language acquisition).  Master’s Degree candidates must complete their degree in one or two years; Ph.D. candidates have three years. 
Upon degree completion, rotating military faculty members will serve a two- or three-year utilization tour teaching foreign language at USMA. 
Upon completion of your schooling, rotating military faculty members will serve a 2-3 Year utilization tour at USMA teaching their language.