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Department of Foreign Languages : Spanish Abroad Program

SPANISH in Spain and Latin America

Conduct daily activities in Spanish. Appreciate the beauty and the complexity of countries throughout Latin America (Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Peru, or Dominican Republic) and Spain during three weeks of instruction and orientation. Enjoy authentic cuisine; daily conversation and activities in Spanish; and appreciate the culture, history and politics of a historic land. Attend daily classes and evening lectures and visit military installations and cultural centers. Your written and oral presentations, along with your journal, are evaluated for grade. (4 trips per summer).
Academic Credit: 3.0 hours Number of Cadets: 20-40
Cadets at Arecibo, Puerto Rico
SPANISH at Foreign Military Academies
In this highly competitive program you attend a fall semester abroad at a Spanish-speaking Military Academy. We currently have exchange programs with Spain, Mexico and Chile and expect the program to grow in the future. You will participate in training exercises with Spanish-speaking cadets and take academic classes for equivalent credit at West Point. This program provides in-depth immersion in culture and will dramatically improve your Spanish skills and allow you to develop friendships with future officers from these countries. 
Requirements: Completion of LS361 and LS362 prior to beginning the exchange program. You will compete with other concentrators and be interviewed in Spanish by a panel of instructors. Selection is by order of merit.
Academic Credit: Successful completion of coursework at the
exchange academy will be given equivalent credit
on the USMA transcript.
Number of Cadets: 5-8 maximum