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Advanced Individual Academic Development

The Faculty of the Department of Military Instruction annually organizes Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD) opportunities for those who are pursuing a degree in Defense & Strategic Studies. These opportunities to study and experience rewarding programs take place overseas and in the United States.
Current enrichment opportunities include: conducting research with Naval Postgraduate School professors on cutting edge military issues; developing and organizing military smart-books for Fox News war correspondence; and conducting right-seat-rides with National Training Center (NTC) Observer/Controllers (OC) in order to research Battle Command at the platoon, company, and battalion levels.
Our programs are conducted during the summer months and allow you to schedule this activity around the Military Individual Advance Development and Cadet Detail programs. Opportunities are vast; faculty members encourage and support cadets to tailor individual research for a broad range of educational and military goals. Future programs may include work with different organizations in the Pentagon, like the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) for Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC), working with CENTCOM for military related research topics, and Space Command for simulations research. Some AIADs can earn academic credit by integrating research with course work in MS489 Advanced Individual Study in Defense & Strategic Studies. The programs offered represent the ultimate in opportunities for immersion in Defense & Strategic Studies experiences and study.
Click here for 2012 opportunties information.