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Department of Military Instruction : NCO Instructor Opportunities

NCO Instructor Opportunities

The NCO’s role in the Department of Military Instruction

NCOs in DMI play a critical role at West Point. We bring years of experience at the tactical level into the classroom. DMI NCOs have a wealth of knowledge covering all branches within Combat Arms. We have subject matter experts from Low Intensity Combat and Special Operations through Heavy Mechanized maneuver warfare. We work together as a combined arms team; training, mentoring, and assisting each other in providing cadets with insight into our Army. We continually rotate NCOs in and out of DMI to ensure our knowledge base reflects the Army "now" not the Army 5 years ago. We are all proud of the fact that we are coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring the future leaders of America’s Army.
DMI Senior Enlisted Advisor
MSG Joseph Willis
Positions Available:
MS100 Introduction to Warfighting Instructor / Course Director
Introduction to Warfighting is designed to provide cadets with a foundation of the military and tactical knowledge necessary for application during summer Cadet Field Training. Cadets will learn the organization of Maneuver, Fires, and Effects Squads and Platoons as well as the characteristics of their organic weapons systems. They are also exposed to map reading, military analysis, troop leading procedures, pre-combat inspections, and small unit tactics.
MS200 Fundamentals of Army Operations Instructor / Course Director
Fundamentals of Army Operations is designed to hone the skills developed during the Cadets “Plebe” (freshman) year and focuses on applying those skills using Tactical Decision Making Exercises. Using discussion based scenarios, instructors continue to develop the skills necessary to build strong, confident tactical decision-makers who use the fundamental principles of Army doctrine and are able to apply creative thinking and common sense in solving tactical problems.
What we want in a Senior NCO:
The Non-Commissioned Officer we put in front of cadets should be a professional in appearance, manner, and a subject matter expert in regards to specific class material and his MOS/Branch.
  • Sergeant First Class (Non-promotable)
  • 17 years or less TIS upon reporting (not waiverable)
  • 24 months successful TOE PSG time
  • Departing from a TOE unit (absolutely no TDA to TDA moves)
  • Physically fit, no permanent profiles (OIF/OEF injuries are potentially waiverable)
  • Competent platform instructor and speaker
  • Combat Arms MOS (11B, 13B, 14R, 18B, 19K, 21B)
  • USCC CSM has final approval authority for all NCOs
  • Applications:
    All NCO positions require the following documents:
    1. Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) with photo.
    2. Last three NCOERs.
    3. Most recent APFT score card. This can be scanned and emailed along with the other documents.
    4. A brief summary of your military service. Be sure to list all deployments or specialty schools or skills. There is no special format for this, but a numbered or bulleted timeline of 1-2 pages is the norm. At the top of the form be sure to include your standard name line, and your availability date for reporting to USMA.
    5. A tentative approval from your branch assignment manager, usually in the form of an email which can be attached to your other documents or forwarded to us (we will not consider anyone who does not have this tentative release from their branch).
    We are always looking for quality Senior Non-Commissioned Officers eager for a change of pace and scenery, some family time, or looking for time to complete their undergraduate or graduate education. West Point is a great post for an NCO personally and professionally. The post is very family oriented with a first class child development center for pre-school age dependants and has great elementary and middle schools for older children.
    If you are interested in employment opportunities with the United States Military Academy's Department of Military Instruction send the above documents to:
    DMI Senior Enlisted Advisor
    MSG Lonnie Schultz
    DSN: 688-0064
    COMM: (845) 938-0064