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Courses in the Electrical Engineering Program

The list below contains the courses available to Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering with Honors majors.  To see the USMA Course Catalog listing use the online catalog (Redbook). That document lists historical versions of courses for transcript purposes. In this case, scroll to the bottom to see the current offering.
Cadets and others at USMA can click on the course below for more information.

Required courses

EE302 Intro to Electrical Engineering
EE360 Digital Logic w/Embedded Systems 
EE362 Intro to Electronics
EE375 Computer Architecture w/Microcontrollers
EE377 Electric Power Engineering
EE381 Signals and Systems
EE383 Electromagnetic Fields
EE400 EE Professional Considerations
EE401 Electronic System Design I
XE402 Integrative System Design
EE462 Electronics Design
MA364 Engineering Math 
MC311 Thermal-Fluid Systems - I

Depth and/or Electives

XE442 Alternative Energy Engineering
XE472 Dynamic Modeling & Control
XE475 Mechatronics
EE477 Digital Communication Systems
EE480 Optical Fiber Communications
EE482 Wireless Communication System Engineering
EE483 Photonics Engineering
EE485 Visiting Professor’s Course
EE486 Solid-State Electronics
EE487 Embedded Systems Development
EE489 Advanced Individual Study
CS301 Fundamentals of Computer Science
CS482 Information Assurance
CS484 Computer Networks
IT382 Network Systems Management