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How to apply military for military positions

1. Make contact early
As soon as you determine that you are interested in a faculty position, regardless of your grade or time in service, complete an Interest Form. After reviewing your interest form, the Faculty Recruiting Officer will convert your file to "applicant" giving you access to the complete application.  Your interest form should clearly show your interest in teaching in EECS.  Due to the competitive nature of the selection process, if you apply to multiple departments and EECS is not your first or second choice, your applicaiton is unlikely to be considered.
2. Complete a file early
Files are evaluated starting approximately 24 months prior to when a selected officer would begin school. An incomplete file is unlikely to be selected. Direct assignments are considered continuously as opportunities and needs arise!
To complete a file, you will submit the following documents electronically.  Upload your documents directly to your on-line application.
  • Cover letter addressed to the Department Head explaining your desires, qualifications, and availability for school or direct assignment.
  • ORB and DA Photo.
  • Valid GRE scores.
    • Minimum GRE score of 500, 500 and 4.0 (before 1 August 2011).
    • Minimum GRE score of 145, 145 and 4.0 (on or after 1 August 2011).
  • Complete undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
  • Copies of all OERs and AERs.
  • Curriculum vitae such as publications, non-military awards, technical or professional certifications, etc.
  • 3. Keep your file up to date
    Filling military positions is a dynamic process! We make personnel decisions daily. Having your file up-to-date including current availability for reassignment is always to your advantage.