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Student Excellence : east-west

West Point East-West Scholars​

Duncan Aylor
(Class of 2013, Company C-1, Lakeside, MT)
East-West Fellowship
Duncan Aylor is a Chinese major and branched Aviation. He served as a company counselor for Cadet Basic Training and has completed Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) School at FT Bragg, NC, and the FBI’s National Crisis Negotiation Course. His involvement with the West Point Negotiation Project and his semester abroad in Beijing, China, have inspired him to help promote cooperation between the United States and China. He will pursue a M.A. in Asian Studies with a focus on China, at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Robert Delaney
(Class of 2013, Company F-1 , Grayslake, IL)
East-West Fellowship
Rob is a mathematical science major and branched Military Intelligence. He was the President of the Student Council on United States Affairs and Company Commander for Company F-1. He was a platoon leader during Cadet Troop Leadership Training in the Republic of Korea and returned to Korea as the Academy’s representative to the Hwarangdae Conference. He will pursue a M.A. in Asian Studies with a focus on Korea at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
James "J.R." Sessions III
(Class of 2009, Company F-1, Wortham, TX)
East-West Fellowship
J.R., who majored in Chinese as a cadet, travelled to China twice for academic development in 2008 before spending a semester there his Firstie year. He has branched Corps of Engineers. In the fall of 2009, J.R. will pursue an MA in Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Andrew "A.J." Pulaski
(Class of 2009, Company B-3, Singapore)
East-West Fellowship
A.J., the class president for the class of 2009, is from Singapore and branched Military Intelligence. He spent a semester abroad in China and had multiple study programs in Asia. Building on his degree in Chinese, A.J. plans to study Political Science at the University of Hawaii.
Michael Duda
(Class of 2008, Olean, NY)
East-West Fellowship
Michael majored in Russian and branched Aviation. He is attending the University of Hawaii and majoring in international relations and cultural studies. Michael is from Olean, New York.
Cole Livieratos
(Class of 2008, Company G2, Clarksville, MD)
East-West Fellowship
Cole is an Armor officer from Clarksville, Maryland who majored in Human Geography. He was a member of the cadet ski club at West Point. Cole is attending the University of Hawaii pursuing an MA in Asian Studies.
Nicholas Hanauer
(Class of 2008, Company A3, Corvallis, OR)
East-West Fellowship
Nicholas majored in Asian Foreign Area Studies and is attending the University of Hawaii pursuing an MA in Asian Studies. He is originally from Corvallis, Oregon and branched Armor. Nicholas was part of the second class to spend a semester abroad in China.
Daniel A. Vallone
(Class of 2007, Company E-4, Epping, NH)
Fulbright Student Grant
East-West Fellowship
Dan is an East Asian Studies major from Epping, New Hampshire.  He is in company E-4 and currently serves as Sandhurst squad leader.  Dan has represented West Point at conferences in Taiwan, Japan, and also spent a month at the British Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.  Dan is involved in Big Brothers, the Chinese club, and competes in the annual Sandhurst competition at West Point.  Dan is a future Infantry Officer.
Heather P. Di Silvio
(Class of 2007, Company E-4, Kirkland, WA)
East-West Fellowship
Heather is a Chinese language major from Kirkland, Washington. She is a member of company E-4 and currently serves as a platoon leader. Last year, Heather spent the fall semester studying abroad in China. There she attended Nanjing Normal University and studied Chinese language. She spends her free time volunteering with the Army Family Readiness Group, and is the CIC of Catholic Sunday School. An avid athlete, Heather enjoys running half marathons, and has devoted three years to her company Sandhurst team. Following graduation in May, Heather plans to attend the University of Hawai’i at Manoa to pursue her Masters Degree in Asian Studies. She will then return to the U.S. Army as an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers, and hopes to eventually serve as a Foreign Area Officer.
Mary Erin Boyle
(Class of 2007, Company D-2, Fairfax Station, VA)
East-West Fellowship
Mary Erin is a Chinese language major hailing from Fairfax Station, VA.  She is in company D-2 and currently serves as the First Battalion, Second Regiment Logistics Officers.  In the spring of her cow year, Mary Erin went on semester exchange to Nanjing, China.  Mary Erin represented West Point in the Foreign Academy Exchange program in trips to both the Chinese and Japanese military academies.  Mary Erin is a 4 time letter winner of the Women’s Soccer team.   Mary Erin will pursue a Masters Degree in Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.  Upon completion of East-West Center programs, Mary Erin will serve as a Military Intelligence Officer.
Marya Jane Rosenberg
(Class 2007, Company D-3, New York, NY)
East-West Fellowship
Marya Jane Rosenberg is an Art, Philosophy, and Literature major from New York City. She is a member of company D-3 and currently serves as a platoon leader. She recently traveled to the Indian Military Academy with the Foreign Academy Exchange Program. She enjoys reading and writing poetry, and a series of her haiku was recently accepted for publication in The Best American Poetry 2007. Following graduation in May, Marya plans to attend the University of Hawai’i at Manoa to pursue her Masters Degree in Asian Studies. She will then return to the U.S. Army as an officer in the Adjutant General Corps, and hopes eventually to serve as a Foreign Area Officer.
Wei Chou
(Class of 2006, Company A-1, Houston, TX)
East-West Scholarship
While in Hawaii, Wei Chou, a future infantry officer, will pursue a master ’s degree in Asian studies, focusing on Japan.  He is currently the athletics/spirit officer for the Cadet First Battalion, First Regiment.
Tom Cai
(Class of 2006, Company D-1, Saint Louis, MO)
East-West Scholarship
Tom Cai will continue his study of economics while at the University of Hawaii.   He is currently the operations officer for the Cadet First Regiment and is president of the Chinese Language Club.  A future aviation officer, he will attend flight school at Fort Rucker, AL, in 2008.
Michael Lee
(Class of 2006, Company A-2, Glen Rock, NJ)
East-West Scholarship
Michael Lee will pursue a master ’s degree in Asian studies this fall.  Upon graduation from West Point, he will receive his bachelor’s degree in economics and his commission in the Corps of Engineers.  He is currently co-captain of the cadet judo team.
Allison Pan
(Class of 2006, Company G-4, New York, NY)
East-West Scholarship
Allison Pan will continue her study of political science while pursuing her master ’s degree at the East-West Center.  She is the cadet debate team captain and will be commissioned a military intelligence officer at graduation.
Michael Kolton
(Class of 2005, Company A-4, Fairfax Station, VA)
East-West Center Scholarship
Michael is an Economics major and a native of Fairfax Station, VA. While at West Point, he has been captain of the Army Judo team and participated in a unique internship with a commercial port authority in Egypt. Michael also took part in community service activities to include volunteering at a soup kitchen and a drug rehabilitation center in the local New York area. He plans to study Economics at the University of Hawaii with his East West Center Fellowship. Michael will be commissioned as an Infantry officer upon graduation.
Kha Nguyen
(Class of 2005, Company C-4, Tulsa, OK)
East-West Center Scholarship
Kha's unique personal story begins in Saigon, Vietnam, where he was born. After immigrating to the United States, he grew up in Cleveland Ohio. His is currently majoring in Comparative Politics with an FOS in Chinese at West Point. While at the Academy, Kha participated in a summer internship at the US Embassy in Beijing, and also volunteered his spare time to teach swimming to children in the West Point community. He is also an active member of the Cadet Catholic Chapel. Kha will be commissioned as a Field Artillery officer upon graduation.

Chris Gin
(Class of 2005, Company C-3, Freemont, CA)
East-West Center Scholarship
Chris is a double major in English Literature and Chinese. Having served in leadership positions at the Regiment and Company levels, Chris also served as a CTLT platoon leader in Korea and as the CIC of the China Military Academy AIAD last summer. His dedication to community service was exemplified during his recent trip to Mexico where he helped build homes for impoverished families. Chris is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and will be commissioned as a Military Intelligence officer with a branch detail to Armor. He will earn an MA in Asian Studies with a focus on China while at the University of Hawaii.
Tomio Toyama
(Class of 2005, Company F-2, Munster, IN)
East-West Center Scholarship
Tomio is a double language major in Arabic and French. He represented the Academy at the U.S. Embassy in Chad during his cow summer, participated in two academy exchanges with the Turkish military, and is extremely active in Cadet Club activities including the Arabic Club and Model Arab League. He has also contributed greatly to both the West Point community and his hometown through his participation in Special Olympics at West Point and in the D.A.R.E. program for elementary schools in Munster, Indiana. A future Military Intelligence officer who will be branch detailed to the Infantry, Tomio will earn an M.A. in History at the University of Hawaii.