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Fencing : Team

The Fencing Team consists of 30 Cadets, with a combined training unit of men and women, but both genders do not compete with each other or most times at the same venue or competition. The Chain of Command is one Team Captain who is CIC/XO and a Women’s Team Captain and Men’s Team Captain. Each weapon has its own Blade Captain, as well as separate gender Blade Captains for both training and administrative tasking.
We say good bye to our Firsties who we will never forget – they have made an indelible mark in our hearts for their dedication, accomplishments, and leadership:
CDT Mark Owens, Men’s Team Captain and Epee Fencer
CDT Jeff Nielsen, Foil Blade Captain and Foil Fencer
CDT Leah Fynaut, Women’s Foil Blade Captain and Foil Fencer
CDT Dave Maynor, Epee Fencer