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Flying Team : About


The mission of the West Point Aviation Club (WPAC) is to provide cadets leader and military skills development opportunities through the experiences of developing, executing, assessing, and continually improving a Flying Team training program. The specific goal of the WPAC is to win regional and national intercollegiate flying competitions (hosted by the National Intercollegiate Flying Association,


Gray Membership

  • Actively participate in Private Pilot Ground School (min 50% attendance rate to remain on club roster)
  • Complete three FAA Written Practice Tests with minimum score of 80%
  • If attended min 70% of PPGS lessons, take the FAA Written Test
  • Participate in Aviation Club mentorship and education opportunities

Black Membership

  • Successfully complete FAA Written Test (Private Pilot)
  • Interview with CIC and OIC
  • Participate as a non-flying member of Flying Team

Gold Membership

  • Possess Private Pilot Certificate & current Med Certificate
  • Interview with CIC and OIC
  • Participate as a flying member of Flying Team