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Welcome to the 36th Annual West Point A-Meet

The United States Military Academy Orienteering Team (USMAOC) is proud to host its 36th A-Meet from May 2nd-3rd, 2015. We are a top-tier West Point club team that strives for excellence in academics, physical fitness, military development, and personal leadership. We look forward to hosting another great Orienteering meet this spring. This year's meet will have one classic race on Saturday, and another classic on Sunday. Those with years of experience will find the unique West Point terrain to be both enjoyable and challenging, pushing the limits of navigational skill. Anyone new to the sport is strongly encouraged to challenge themselves and test both their mental agility and physical fitness. We offer a variety of course levels for all ages. See you in the woods! Go Army, Beat Navy!



Late Registration begins April 20th ; ends April 24th

 - Late Fee: $10.00

Fees per race:

   Junior: $22.00 (Late: $32.00)

   Adult:  $39.00 (Late: $49.00)




Meet Notes






Time ​Event Location
Friday, May 1st​
1700 - 2100 ​Registration

Victor Constant Ski Slope

​Saturday, May 2nd
​0830 - 1500 Buses To/From Starting Line Park at Victor Constant Ski Slope​
1000 - 1200​ ​Classic Starts ​Round Pond
1500​ ​Course Closed
​Sunday, May 3rd
​0730 -1500 ​Buses To/From Starting Line ​Park at Victor Constant Ski Slope
0900 - 1100 ​ ​Classic Starts Round Pond
1400​ ​Course Closed
1400​ ​Awards ​Round Pond

General Information 

  - This year's meet will feature one classic race on Saturday and another classic on Sunday.

  - Parking will be located at the Victor Constant Ski Slope.  41.397125N, 73.983285W

  - Lodging for race participants is available at Round Pond. 

  - Shuttles will be provided to the start. Anticipate a short walk to start after the shuttle drops off at Round Pond.

  - Anticipate arriving early to compensate for the shuttle and 1 kilometer walk to the start

  - Medical support will be provided by West Point Ski Patrol medical personnel.

  - Berman's O-Supplies and Orienteering Unlimited will be present at the meet.


  - This year's meet will take place near the Round Pond Recreation Area. Below is a printable site map, a West Point reference map, and another site map specifying start and finish locations.  





 - Lodging is availabe upon request at Round Pond.

 - To reserve a cabin or tent site, call 845-938-8811. Ensure you mention you are lodging in connection with the West Point Orienteering team.

 - More information on lodging can be found on the Round Pond Recreation Area website.


 The following courses are available:


Length   Climb


Length    Climb 

White 2.7 km​ 45 m 2.2 km​ ​25 m

​F-10, F-12, M-10, M-12, M/F-White, Gr-White

Yellow ​2.6m ​45 m ​2.7 km 35 m​

​F-14, M-14, F-Yellow, M-Yellow, Gr-Yellow

Orange ​5.4 km ​95 m ​4.0 km ​130 m

F-16, M-16, F-Orange, M-Orange, Gr-Orange

Brown X ​5.0 km ​100 m ​4.0 km ​90 m

​F-18, F-55+, F-60+, F-65+, M-65+, M70+, M75+

Brown Y ​4.5 km ​80 m ​3.9 km ​75 m

​F70+, F75+, F80+, F85+, F90+, M80+, M85+, M90+, F-Brown, M-Brown

Green X ​5.4 km ​140 m ​5.2 km ​175 m

M-18, M-50+, M-55+, M-60+, M-Green

Green Y ​5.7 km ​140 m ​5.1 km ​170 m

​F-20, F-35+, F-40+, F-45+, F-50+, F-Green

Red ​9.5 km ​210 m ​6.6 km ​170 m

​F-21+, M-20, M-35+, M-40+, M-45+, M-Red

Blue ​10.4 km ​225 m 8.4 km​ ​250 m


* Recreational white, yellow, and orange courses will be available. Competitors can sign up on the day of the meet. The cost is $5 for a recreational course, including e-punch rental. Start times for recreational runners will be assigned on the day of the meet.

The winners of the combined two-day races for each age category will receive an award. The awards presentation will occur at Round Pond immediately following the Sunday Classic.


100% cotton short sleeve T-shirts will be available to purchase ($19), with an all new 2015 design!



Contact the following individuals:

 - Meet Director: Nick Ives ( )

 - Course Designers: Thomas Eisminger and Hans Sitarz ( ; )

 - Course Consultant: Bob Turbyfill ( )

 - Registration: Pat Richardson ( )

 - E-Punch Maestro: Morgan Rabalais ( )

 - Parking & Transportation: Nate Thomas ( )

 - Website: Dale Lakes ( )

 - Officer in Charge: Major Dylan Malcomb ( )