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Physical Geography

Physical Geography is a great major for anyone interested in environmental issues, the natural landscapes, resource studies, environmental conflict, or global environmental change.
Key Points about an Physical Geo Major:
  • The Major will allow you to look at environmental issues from different perspectives.
  • You have the flexibility to choose an emphasis on the physical landscape or the atmosphere. We emphasize the interaction between humans and their environment.
  • We have an honors sequence for cadets with high GPAs or who want to do their own geographic research.
  • This major prepares you well for careers in organizations that analyze and address environmental issues or problems, as well as businesses, government agencies, or NGOs that work in the field of conservation or natural hazards.
    For complete information, download our information packet:


    Complete the 24-course core curriculum

    Complete any 3-course core engineering sequence

    Complete one of the following courses:

    CY305 Cyber Foundations
    CY355 Cyber Foundations - Computing

    Foundation Courses
    Complete the following courses below:

    EV303 Foundations in Geography

    EV365 Geography of Global Cultures

    EV367 Geography Research Methods

    EV398 Geographic Information Systems


    Physical Geography Electives

    Complete three of the five courses listed below:

    EV387 Meteorology

    EV388a Physical Geology

    EV388b Geomorphology

    EV389b Climatology

    EV391b Natural Hazards and Risk


    Geography Tools and Landscape Analysis

    Complete one of the three courses listed below:

    EV377 Remote Sensing

    EV390b Urban Geography

    EV391a Principles of Land Use Planning and Management


    Geography Electives

    Complete oneof the courses listed below:

    EV371 Geography of Russia

    EV372 Geography of Asia

    EV373 Geography of Latin America

    EV375 Geography of Africa

    EV376 Geography of the Middle East

    EV379 Photogrammetry

    EV384 Geography of North America

    EV386 Geography of Europe

    EV394 Hydrogeology

    EV396 Environmental Biologic Systems

    EV397 Air Pollution Engineering

    EV471 Ecology

    EV477 Advanced Remote Sensing

    EV485 Special Topics in Geography & the Environment

    EV486 Environment and Development

    EV489b Advanced Individual Study in Geography


    Complementary Support Courses

    Select three courses here (link to redbook)


    Integrative Experience

    Complete the following course:

    EV482 Military Geography