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West Point Environmental Program

Our EV Engineers are ready to serve the "masses yearning to breathe free..." Through knowledge and service, our majors help set the conditions for all Americans to remain free and healthy. CDTs Wolfe and Gilbertson take careful measurement during an Ecology lab in EV471. Future problem solvers and policy makers: EV Scientists visit the UN in EV487 to learn more about the ramifications of environmental issues for national and global security. All EV Science and Engineer majors are inducted into Engineers and Scientist for a Sustainable World, an academic club with national connections.  The club focuses on environmental awareness and community service. EV Engineers visit a Hudson Valley power plant to study air pollution control measures in EV397. Rocking out with heavy equipment in EV388A, EV Engineers and Scientists visit a quarry.

Welcome, Class of 2022!
Are you ready to dig deep?  We daily interact with the world around us and witness environmental processes as well as human-caused environmental degradation.  In the Environmental Program, we zoom in on how earth systems work and how we interact with them.  Applying classroom experiences to the real world in two very relevant majors, Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering, we examine a wide range of current environmental issues, the science behind these issues, and the available mitigation strategies. We seek to balance the sometimes conflicting needs of a healthy planet and a world with 7 billion people on it.  If you are inquisitive, creative, a problem solver, and a team player, please check out our Academic Programs or stop by and see us!
EV ENG Water Drop.jpgEnvironmental Engineering Major
The Environmental Engineering major is designed for those cadets who are interested in not only what environmental issues we face today, but also how we clean-up our past environmental problems and prevent future ones. This program is excellent preparation for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FEE), which most USMA engineering majors take during their 1st Class year. To learn more, click here.
Who should study Environmental Engineering?
Cadets interested in protection of human health and preservation of the environment through the practice of engineering.
The USMA Environmental Engineering Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,
EV SCI Forest.jpgEnvironmental Science Major
The Environmental Science major has wide appeal for cadets who are concerned about the future of our planet and want to be part of the solution. The major is broad enough to give you options (law school, grad school, medical school, employment at all levels of government, business) and deep enough to give you an expertise. To learn more, click here.
Who should study Environmental Science?
Cadets who like science and care about the outdoors, preserving wild places, and creating a sustainable future for all would enjoy this major. 
Can't decide which environmental program is right for you? Check out these slides.  


 Interested in traveling with the Environmental Program?

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Interested in environmental research?
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