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 Department Headquarters

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COLRead COL Mark Read Department Head - Professor, USMA 845-938-2472  
Photo of COLDacunto COL Philip Dacunto Deputy Head - Professor, USMA 845.938.5287  

 Geography Program

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COLLohman COL Andrew Lohman Geography Program Director 845.938.2930  
Photo of Dr.Malinowski Dr. Jon Malinowski Human Geography Director 845.938.4673  
Photo of Mr.Melkon Mr. John Melkon Director, CMCMO 845.938.5126  
Photo of Dr.Richmond Dr. Amy Krakowka Richmond Associate Professor 845.938.3735  
Photo of Dr.Wolfel Dr. Richard Wolfel Associate Prof. , Chair of Intercultural Competence, CLCRS 845.938.8798  
Photo of Dr.Kalkstein Dr. Adam Kalkstein Associate Professor 845.938.3403  
Photo of LTCFuhriman LTC Chris Fuhriman Assistant Professor 845.938.4035  
Photo of LTCRidgeway LTC Jason Ridgeway Assistant Professor 845.938.3161  
Photo of LTCMcCarthy LTC David McCarthy Instructor 845-938-3094  
Photo of MAJNixon MAJ Christopher Nixon Instructor 845.938.0207  
Photo of MAJRadunzel MAJ Joel Radunzel Instructor 845.938.4622  
Photo of CPTDzwonczyk CPT Elizabeth A. Dzwonczyk Instructor 845.938.4400  
Photo of CPTDzwonczyk CPT John Dzwonczyk Instructor 845.938.0073  
Photo of CPTLandis CPT Zach Landis Instructor 845.938.3253  
Photo of CPTLeydet CPT David Leydet Instructor 845.938.3042  
Photo of CPTSylvester CPT Benjamin Sylvester Instructor 845.938.2588  


Environmental Program

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Dr.Butkus Dr. Michael Butkus Environmental Program Director 845.938.2820  
Photo of LTCKimball LTC Mindy Kimball Environmental Science Curriculum Coordinator 845-938-5421  
Photo of Dr.Baker Dr. Patrick Baker Assistant Professor 845-938-3540  
Photo of LTCWallen LTC Benjamin Wallen Environmental Engineering Curriculum Coordinator 845.938.4658  
Photo of LTCRaby LTC Landon Raby Instructor 845.938.2679  
Photo of MAJBier MAJ Pete Bier Instructor 845.938.3839  
Photo of MAJMurray MAJ Kyle Murray Instructor 845.938.3124  
Photo of CPTOuellette CPT Charles Ouellette Instructor 845.938.3093  
Photo of CPTMartinez CPT Erick V. Martinez Instructor 845.938.4855  
Photo of CPTPlante CPT Luke T. Plante Instructor 845.938.0124  
Photo of CPTSheehan CPT Nathaniel Sheehan Instructor 845.938.3509  


Geospatial Program

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of LTCWright LTC William Wright Academy Professor 845.938.2063  
Photo of LTCOxendine LTC Chris Oxendine Associate Professor 845-938-4354  
Photo of LTCIrmischer LTC Ian Irmischer Assistant Professor 845.938.3531  
Photo of LTCWare LTC Jared Ware Assistant Professor 845.938.3986  
Photo of Dr.O Dr. Matthew O'Banion Assistant Professor 845.938.2326  
Photo of CPTPowell CPT W. Gabe Powell Instructor 845.938.4620  


Administrative & Technical Staff

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Mr.Dirtman Mr. Dirtman  
Photo of Mr.Ipri Mr. Richard Ipri Map Library Custodian 845.938.4322  
Photo of Ms.Keller Ms. Jean Keller Administrative Supervisor 845.938.3129  
Photo of Ms.Martin Ms. Stephanie Martin Department Assistant IT Administrator 845.938.4729  
Photo of Ms.Quell Ms. Kimberly Quell Environmental Technician 845.938.0973  
Photo of Ms.Roser Ms. Sharon Roser Department Head Secretary 845.938.3418  
Photo of Mr.Shetty Mr. Anand Shetty Environmental Engineer 845.938.4767