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Welcome to the 2015 Orienteering Skills Weekend 

The United States Military Academy Orienteering Team is proud to host an Orienteering Skills Weekend workshop for the Boy Scouts of America in order to teach the fundamentals of Orienteering. This workshop can be used by scouts to complete the first seven requirements of the Orienteering Merit Badge. Participants will gain hands-on experience on introductory and advanced level orienteering courses. Scouts will participate in various exercises and practical applications, culminating in a troop-level orienteering competition. This weekend is sure to be exciting for all participants!  Go Army, Beat Navy!

Registration and Costs

***** Register Here *****

  • Pay upon arrival. Checks are payable to USMAOC.
  • Every participant must have the waiver below filled out prior to arrival.



 The cost for attendance depends on participation and lodging.

​Participation / Lodging Cost



Tent Site

A-Frame Site

​$10.00 per person

$25.00 per person

$25.00 per site (max capacity = 25 persons)

$35.00 per A-Frame (7 available, max capacity = 15 people)


Schedule of Events


Orienteering Workshop Flyer 2015.pptxOrienteering Workshop Flyer 2015.pptx 


10 Orienteering Essentials

  1.  Waterbottles/Camelbaks
  2.  Water
  3.  Compass
  4.  Map
  5.  Pants and protective clothing
  6.  Insect repellent
  7.  Colored pens
  8.  Snacks (trail mix, Nature Valley bars, etc)
  9.  Teamwork
  10.  More water

Lodging and Meals

 - Scouts will stay in either tent sites or the A-Frames. A-Frame space is limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.

 - USMAOC will not provide meals to scouts. Troops must provide all their own meals.


West PointO-Badge-Fix.png  Boy Scouts of America

 Questions or comments?

- Jett DiPalma (Cadet in Charge)

- MAJ Matthew Mogensen (Officer in Charge)

- Dale Lakes (Webmaster)