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Licensure as a Professional Engineer (PE)

Licensure as a PE is the goal of every engineer. As an Army officer, your opportunities to "stamp" designs with your PE stamp are limited, but the recognition of your demonstrated performance and engineering skills by obtaining a PE will go far in demonstrating your potential.
The first step in obtaining a PE is to graduate from an Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET) accredited engineering program such as the Environmental Engineering program at West Point. Next, you must pass an examination that measures your mastery of basic engineering concepts. This one-day examination is a national test known as the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FEE), and is offered during the spring of your first class year. A passing score on the FEE awards you the title "Engineer-in-Training". Following completion of several years of working experience (number of years varies with the State in which you seek licensure), you can apply to take the Professional Engineering Exam. Typically, Army officers who pass the FEE at the time of USMA graduation are eligible for the PE exam while they are Captains.
The Environmental Engineering program has an excellent success rate in preparing cadets to pass the FEE. Since the Class of 2003 Environmental Engineers, the success rate on the Environmental Exam has been above the National Average.
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