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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the intended audience for this conference?
A. Attendees will include academics, practitioners and policymakers.To be more specific, the term "academics" refers to those who teach/conduct research into areas involving generational issues, service learning, sociology and management. These academics will come from civilian universities and military institutions of higher learning. "Practitioners" refers to those in both the public and private sectors who have served or are currently serving in a leadership position. Our "policymakers" are those in the upper echelons of government or corporate institutions who engage in strategy development. They set the direction for others to follow and allocate resources. They are also interested in developing their organizations and leaders. They impact the culture and the values of those that work for and with them. By bringing this diverse group of individuals  together, we hope to facilitate the sharing of information and ideas. We will all learn from each other and leave with connections and information to help us improve our ability to learn and lead. 

Q. What does my registration fee cover?
A. Your registration fee of $350 covers your admission to the conference and a conference memento.  Your registration fee does NOT include your meals, travel, or lodging accommodations.  
Q. Will I get to meet with West Point faculty?
A. Yes.  You will have the opportunity to interact with members of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership (BS&L) as well as faculty from several other Departments and Centers around West Point. The faculty from the Department of BS&L teach and conduct cutting edge research in areas involving Psychology, Sociology, Engineering Psychology, Leadership and Management. You can read more about our top tier faculty here
Q.  Will we get to interact with Cadets?
A. Cadets will be in class for most of the conference. However, you will be seated with approximately 500 Cadets on the evening of 4 April 2013 during the keynote lecture by author Jim Collins. You will also have the opportunity to engage with cadets, should you so choose, during your free time as you explore the Academy grounds.
Q.  Will I have the opportunity to tour West Point?
A. Yes, you should have free time to walk around the Academy and tour the grounds. There is a lot to see so bring your camera!  
Q.  What is the attire for the conference?
A.  Active duty military should wear ASU or Class B equivalent.  Civilians are encouraged to wear business casual attire during planned conference events.