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Department of History : Faculty New



Photo Name Position  
Photo of COLSeidule COL Ty Seidule Department Head  
Photo of COLYoshitani COL Gail Yoshitani Deputy Department Head  




Photo Name Position  
Photo of COLGibby COL Bryan Gibby Academy Professor (Military Division Chief)  
Photo of COLMusteen COL Jason Musteen Academy Professor (International Division Chief)  
Photo of LTCSculley LTC Seanegan Sculley Academy Professor (American Division Chief)  




Photo Name Position  
Photo of Dr.Bucher Dr. Greta Bucher Professor  
Photo of Dr.Frey Dr. David Frey Professor / Director Center Holocaust and Genocide Studies  
Photo of Dr.Kiesling Dr. Eugenia Kiesling Professor  
Photo of Dr.Martin Dr. James Kirby Martin Professor / Ewing Chair in Military History  
Photo of Dr.McDonald Dr. Robert McDonald Professor  
Photo of Dr.Rogers Dr. Clifford Rogers Professor  
Photo of Dr.Waddell Dr. Steve Waddell Professor  
Photo of Dr.Watson Dr. Samuel Watson Professor  











Photo Name Position  
Photo of Dr.Stapleton Dr. John Stapleton Associate Professor  
Photo of LTCSiry LTC Dave Siry Assistant Professor / Director Center for Oral History  
Photo of Dr.Gioe Dr. David Gioe Asst. Professor & Cyber History Fellow, Army Cyber Institute  
Photo of MAJAskew MAJ Mark Askew Instructor  
Photo of MAJHatzinger MAJ Kyle Hatzinger Instructor  
Photo of MAJHope MAJ Gregory Hope Instructor  
Photo of MAJLe Vay MAJ Jason Le Vay Instructor  
Photo of LTCDoss LTC John Doss Assistant Professor  
Photo of LTCMoore LTC Tomas Moore Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.Coumbe Dr. Arthur Coumbe Assistant Professor  
Photo of Mr.Vigna Mr. John Vigna Assistant Professor  
Photo of CPTVillanueva CPT James Villanueva Instructor  
Photo of CPTGarner CPT Christian Garner Instructor  
Photo of CPTGatzemeyer CPT Garrett Gatzemeyer Instructor  
Photo of MAJHerman MAJ Thomas Herman Instructor  
Photo of Mr.Fahey Mr. John Fahey Instructor  
Photo of CPTCollins CPT Devon Collins Instructor  
Photo of Dr.McDonough Dr. Matthew McDonough Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.Muehlbauer Dr. Matthew Muehlbauer Assistant Professor  
Photo of CPTLovering CPT Richard Lovering Instructor  
Photo of Dr.Nagel Dr. Amanda Nagel Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.Fry Dr. Zachery Fry Assistant Professor  
Photo of Mr.Fleek Mr. Sherman Fleek Instructor / USMA Command Historian  
Photo of LTCGreene LTC Channing Greene Instructor  




Photo Name Position  
Photo of LTCBlack LTC Frederick Black Assistant Professor; Department Executive Officer  
Photo of Ms.Castillo Ms. Neyda Castillo Office Automation Assistant  
Photo of LTC (Ret.)Hrinko LTC (Ret.) Raymond Hrinko Assistant Professor; Cartography and Personnel Operations  
Photo of Ms.Simonnet Ms. Martha Simonnet Administrative Officer  
Photo of Ms.Witten Ms. Romyer Witten Office Automation Assistant