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Department of History : IndiaStaffRide

Dates: 7-16 March 2014
OIC: MAJ Nathan McCormack 
A/OIC: CPT Dan Horst
Senior Faculty: Dr. Rasheed Hosein
Cadets: TBD
Description:  Cadets participating in this trip will study a variety of subjects including the political histories of India (modern and ancient) and the historic junction of three of the world’s major religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam), the birth of the modern South Asia (Ghandi’s revolt and the formation of Muslim and Hindu India), the history of the Indian-Pakistani conflict, and the unique situation extant wherein the Mughal legacy of the Turko-Muslim north confronts the Dravidic Hindu south. 
Cadets and faculty meet 4-6 times between December and March to discuss topics in the history of India. Focus of the discussions will center on the religious and cultural history of the region’s peoples and dynasties. Each cadet prepares a presentation based on additional research that will be presented during the staff ride.  
The staff ride itinerary is subject to change, but is projected to include the following: New Delhi (India’s capital city), Fatehpur-Sikri (The City of Victory and UNESCO World heritage site, established by Akbar and capital of the Mughal Empire), Jaipur (site of the Amber palace and one of the finest examples of Rajput and Hindu architeture), Agra (the location of the Taj Mahal UNESCO World heritage site, the Red palace, and the Mughal Heritage walk), and Udaipur (the location of the Eklingji temple, a site revered by the devotes of Shiva).   
In addition to the application form, submissions should include a personal statement as well as a letter of recommendation from a current or previous instructor. Letters from instructors outside of the History Department are acceptable, although recommendations from faculty in the Department of History are preferred. Applications should be submitted to MAJ Nathan McCormack, Thayer Hall, Rm 140.