Army Officer Portrait

CPT Andrea Mazda



CPT Andrea Mazda grew up in New Jersey and graduated from West Point in 2014. She commissioned as a Military Intelligence (MI) officer and was assigned to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell. She deployed as the Current Operations S2 for the JDOC at Bagram, Afghanistan. She then served as the Assistant S2 for 1-187th Infantry Battalion before becoming a Platoon Leader and Executive Officer at the MI Company in the 21st Brigade Engineer Battalion. After the Captain’s Career Course in 2018, CPT Mazda served as the S2 for the 2nd Engineer Battalion, 3rd Armored Brigade, 1st Armored Division during a rotation to South Korea and as the S2 for the 2-13th Cavalry Squadron. She then served as a Maneuver S2 OC/T while assigned to the 3-362nd Infantry TSBn, 5th Armored Brigade at Ft. Bliss. CPT Mazda graduated with a MA in History at Ohio State University and is working on her dissertation. She currently is an instructor in the International History Division and is married to CPT Tyler Mazda, who teaches in the Military History Division

Ongoing Research Projects

French Surveillance in Indochina, 1945-1963