COL Bryan Gibby

COL Bryan Gibby

Deputy Department Head


COL Bryan R. Gibby hails from Thousand Oaks, CA, and graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1993. His first assignment was with 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division as an Assistant S2 and infantry Platoon Leader. He commanded C Company, 524th Military Intelligence Battalion in Korea, where he also served as Brigade Adjutant and Assistant Battalion S3 for plans and exercises. He then began graduate school at The Ohio State University, earning M.A. and Ph.D degrees in History, and returned to West Point to teach in the Military Division of the Department of History (2002-2005). Following this assignment, COL Gibby deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2006 with the Fires Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, and again in 2008-09 with 3rd HBCT, 4th Infantry Division. During both deployments he was the Brigade S2 and successfully pioneered intelligence techniques for precision targeting, air-ground coordination, and predictive analysis. From 2009-12, he served in NATO’s Joint Force Command (Madrid) as the senior intelligence officer for the Joint Logistics Support Group. In 2011, he led the Combined Staff’s Intelligence Assessments Team in Naples, Italy, in support of Operation Unified Protector (Libya). COL Gibby commanded the 707th Military Intelligence Battalion, Fort Gordon (Eisenhower from 27 October 2023), GA, from 2012-14 and then served as the Deputy Director of the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Operation Enduring Freedom Study Group, documenting the Army’s history and involvement in Afghanistan from 2001-14. In 2016, he returned to West Point as Chief of the Military Division. He is now the Deputy Head for the Department of History.

Ongoing Research Projects

“Moral but Unjust: American Policy towards Communist Prisoners of War in Korea.”

Three Chinese Wars: How American Intervention Shaped Modern China, 1901-1949.

Grinding through the Gustav Line: A Failure of Allied Command in the Battle for Rome.

Publications & Presentations

Korean Showdown: National Policy and Military Strategy in a Limited War, 1951-1952. University of Alabama Press, 2021. 

“The 2nd Infantry Division’s Assault on the Punchbowl, Korea, August—October 1952,” in Peter Schifferle, ed., Bringing Order out of Chaos vol 2, Large Scale Conventional Operations, 6 vols. Fort Leavenworth: Army University Press, 2018.…;

“The Battle of Shangganling, Korea, October-November 1952” Journal of Chinese Military History, June 2017.

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 “The Battle for White Horse Mountain.” Army History, Fall, 2013.

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The Will to Win: American Military Advisors in Korea, 1946-1953. University of Alabama Press, 2012. Awarded the Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award, 2013.

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