Army Officer Portrait

MAJ Michael Matheny



CPT Mike Matheny is from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He graduated from James Madison University where he attended ROTC and commissioned as an Adjutant General Officer in 2012. He served in the 82nd Airborne Division in Ft. Bragg, NC in the 1st Brigade Combat Team HQ as the Brigade Strength Manager, and then as the Battalion S-1 for the 307th Brigade Support Battalion. Following the Captain’s Career Course, he served in Camp Humphreys, South Korea as the Battalion S-1 for the 532nd Military Intelligence Battalion, and later served in the Recruiting Battalion at Salt Lake City, Utah. He attended graduate school at the University of Maryland and graduated with an MA in History in 2021. He currently works as an instructor in the American History Division at the United States Military Academy.

Publications & Presentations

Matheny, Michael R. “The Predicament We Are In”: How Paperwork Saved the Continental Army.” Journal of the American Revolution, May 3, 2021, "The Predicament We Are In": How Paperwork Saved the Continental Army - Journal of the American Revolution (

Matheny, Michael R. “The Forgotten Ally: U.S./South Korean Relations During the Vietnam War.” Master’s Thesis, University of Maryland, 2021, THE FORGOTTEN ALLY: U.S./SOUTH KOREAN RELATIONS DURING THE VIETNAM WAR (