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Computer Skills Training and Support
The Goldcoats

The Goldcoats, also known as the Computer Skills Training and Support Branch serve as the direct line of support for the Corps of Cadets and the USMA staff and faculty.

  • Customer Support Excellence
    • Our principal mission is the support of cadets and their information technology. Our goal is to repair cadet computing systems the same day they are turned in.
    • Our support team consists of military, government service, and contractors that strive to provide a client service such that if our cadets could choose any client support shop in the world, they would choose us.
    • The Goldcoats are all DELL™ certified technicians. We utilize automated tracking systems, an electronic supply cabinet, surge contract support, and cadet empowerment to power our rapid repair engine.
  • Training: Training individual people (cadets and faculty) and organizations (such as the Academic Departments) is a secondary mission. Using all the latest media available, we train the force in all areas of computing-
    • Basic computing practices from setup to maintenance
    • Familiarization of cadets with computers and PDAs
    • Strengthen the knowledge and reinforce good computing practices that will provide the Army's future leaders competency in leading edge technology.
  • Support: CTSB is a one stop shop for all cadet and faculty computing needs. We offer a single source of information for the cadets and faculty on two levels - first line support technicians to Cadets via Information Security Officers (ISOs) and Department Computer Officers (DCOs) for the Academic Departments. CTSB also provides support in the form of forensic and investigation aid.

ietd_ctsb02.pngOur Impact upon the Military Academy

Everything at the Military Academy is focused on the development of leaders of character. Increasingly, this development requires information technology. From reading a homework assignment to submitting a pass, cadets need their laptop computers and associated technologies working. The Goldcoats work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep cadet computers operational.