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What New Cadets and Parents need to know about Cadet Computing

New cadets enjoy an immersive educational environment that is powered by technology. All of the barracks rooms where the cadets live and sleep have high speed network access. All classrooms have wireless access so that every classroom is a lab. All cadets will receive a laptop, printer, PDA, and portable memory device. All courses have a Blackboard presence so that once cadets log into Blackboard, they can access all their academic courses from a single interface. Email and 18 terabytes of network storage are used daily by cadets to execute the Military Academy’s mission. Most routine tasks are accomplished through the Academy Management System or the Cadet Information System. Cadets even receive 15 TV channels over the computer network for viewing on their laptop. Work or play, technology is an integral part of life at the Military Academy.

Computer Purchase

All new cadets receive a laptop, printer, personal digital assistant (PDA), and portable memory device. The laptop and printer devices typically have four years of maintenance support at our onsite repair facility so that cadet technology is repaired the same day that it is submitted for repair. Cadets should plan to use this technology to accomplish their daily tasks. The Military Academy does not grant exceptions to policy to utilize different devices as it sets new cadets up for failure if their devices should fail. The faculty and staff operate from the premise that every cadet has operational technology.

Cellular Phones

Cadets currently receive telephone service through a standard, non-cellular telephone. The Military Academy is exploring replacing these telephones with cellular telephones. If there is a change in the situation, we will update the information here so that you are aware of cellular carrier(s) and the specifics of the cellular package.

Insurance and Maintenance

Cadet laptops and printers are covered under a four year warranty for device failure and craftsmanship. These devices are repaired onsite the same day they are submitted for service in most instances. Cadet PDAs and memory devices have less than four year warranties but do have extended warranties compared to the standard 90 day warranties associated with these devices. These devices are completely replaced if there is a device failure due to craftsmanship. Accidental damage or intentional misuse is not covered by warranty. You may want to consider purchasing additional insurance to cover such circumstances. A number of companies offer inexpensive insurance tailored for cadet needs.