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Software Engineering Branch (SEB)

Application Hosting and Development, and Academic Data Management

The Software Engineering Branch provides all software services and application hosting services required to develop, deploy and maintain command unique university administration systems which includes the recruitment of cadet candidates to both the United States Military Academy and the USMA Preparatory School, as well as the academic, military and physical programs for both locations.

Services & Support Offered
  • Project Management for IT Solutions
  • Application hosting and development for the Academy Management System (AMS)
  • Change Request Management for existing AMS applications
  • Web Site Design and Development to facilitate Business Process Improvement
  • BlackBoard Learning Portal - System Administration and Integration
  • Digital Library Support
Our Impact upon the Military Academy

Numerous efforts have been made to determine if USMA can function using "commercial off the shelf" products which are on the market and used by many tier one Universities. Each time, we have found that the unique administrative needs of the United States Military Academy cannot be satisfactorily met by those products. For this reason alone, the Software Engineering Branch is a vital addition to the United States Military Academy and is essential to the smooth operation of the university.

SEB Highlights

The Software Engineering Branch at the United States Military Academy is one of the few organizations of its kind that can still be found on an Army Installation. During a recent Business Process Review of the SEB, BG Kaufman cited SEB as "one of the most highly regarded and responsive organizations at the Military Academy. SEB is an agent of change at the Military Academy and a success story."