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News and Announcements

judgespanel.jpg      From May 6th to 8th, 2018, LTC Shane Reeves participated in the 9th Federal Judge's Association Quadrennial Conference.  LTC Reeves presented on the "Cybersecurity and its Functions in the Law" panel, moderated by Judge Leo Gordon (Court of International Trade), which also featured Daniel Garrie (Co-Founder and Senior Managing Partner - Law and Forensics), David A. Cass (Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer - Cloud and SaaS Operational Services), and Chris Inglis (former deputy director of the NSA). 




      On April 12, 2018, students from Columbia Law School - accompanied by Columbia law professor and Lieber Institute senior fellow Matt Waxman - visited West Point and the Department of Law.  The students attended class with Cadets, then had the opportunity to eat lunch with Cadet law majors in the Mess Hall.  Following lunch, the group took a historical tour of West Point, then met with D/Law faculty to discuss law of armed conflict vignettes.  This event strengthened ties between our two programs and was part of a larger effort to enhance civil-military relationships and enrich scholar/practitioner collaboration in the area of international law.