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 LTC Chris Jacobs discusses the legality of strikes on North Korea at the Modern War Institute, Fall 2017

​Recent Faculty Presentations

Shane Reeves, "Cybersecurity and its Functions in the Law," 9th Federal Judge's Association Quadrennial Conference (May 8, 2018). 

Tim Bakken, "Reforming the Adversarial System and Freeing Innocent People," University of Oxford, Redesigning Justice: Promoting Civil Rights, Trust and Fairness conference (March 21, 2018). 


Winston Williams, "African American in Times of War," The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School (Feb. 27, 2018). 

Shane Reeves, "War in Cities," Brigham Young University Law School conference (Feb. 14-16, 2018). 

Shane Reeves, "How Contemporary Challenges are Affecting the Military Necessity-Humanity Balance: Are We Reaching a Tipping Point?", Columbia Law School (Nov. 15, 2017). 

Shane Reeves, "Looking Back on a Decade of LOAC Implementation: Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned," Emory School of Law International Humanitarian Law Clinic (Nov. 10, 2017). 

Mark Visger, "Law Enforcement and Cyber Security," Albany Law School, Cybersecurity and the Law Panel (Oct. 20, 2017). 

Mark Visger, "What Constitutes an Act of War in Cyberspace," Moderator for the Journal of Law and Cyberwarfare Panel at Cardozo Law School (Nov. 9, 2017).