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Department of Law : Recent Faculty Publications


​Recent Articles by Faculty

Amy McCarthy, Unequal Law, Unequal Burden: the All-Male Selective Service Act, Civilian Rights, and the Limits of Military Deference in Modern Supreme Court Jurisprudence, Florida State University Law Review (2018). 



David Wallace & Mark Visger, Responding to the Call for a Digital Geneva Convention: An Open Letter to Brad Smith and the Technology Community, Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare (2018). 


Robert Lawless, A State of Complicity: How Russia's Persistent and Public Denial of Syrian Battlefield Atrocities Violates International Law, Harvard National Security Journal (2018). 


Amy McCarthy, Erosion of the Rule of Law as a Basis for Command Responsibility under International Humanitarian Law, Chicago Journal of International Law (2018). 


Robert Barnsby & Shane Reeves, Give Them an Inch, They'll Take a Terabyte: How States May Interpret Tallinn Manual 2.0's International Human Rights Law Chapter, Texas Law Review (2017). 


David Wallace, Amy McCarthy & Shane Reeves, Trying to Make Sense of the Senseless: Classifying the Syrian War under the Law of Armed Conflict, Michigan State International Law Review (2017). 


Additional titles, including blog posts, are listed under our Lieber Publications page