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Classes & Workshops

USMA liaison librarians offer a comprehensive library instruction program to their respective departments as well as individual cadets and faculty members. Formal classroom instruction is coordinated with individual instructors and typically lasts from 20-55 minutes depending on whether time is allotted to the instructor as well. Instruction focuses on the library’s web site, demonstrating subject research utilizing the electronic catalog, databases, and government documents, as well as citing sources using RefWorks. Library services such as ConnectNY, ILLiad and WorldCat may be demonstrated as well. The goal is to help cadets to research more effectively for their various paper topics.

Most library instruction occurs in Jefferson Hall’s classrooms. Examples of library instruction recently offered include EN101 (Bibliographic Instruction), HI105 (Society & Culture, 1787-1877), SS370 (Mass Media & American Politics) and RS103 (Government Documents).

Recently, evening instructional clinics have been introduced that last from 20-40 minutes. The clinics target core courses such as Military Art and International Relations. They offer a somewhat abbreviated coverage of course content and library services, benefitting cadets who otherwise may be unable to attend a daytime classroom session.

Besides classroom instruction, individual consultations are offered to cadets and faculty upon request. Walk-in service at the reference desk is always accommodated; otherwise a scheduled meeting time is set up by a requester and their liaison librarian. Sessions typically last from 10-60 minutes and may be offered in liaison departments, in the offices of the respective liaison librarians or at the reference desk. Cadet consultations are similar in content and have the same overarching goal of classroom sessions, whereas librarians typically share advanced search techniques with faculty members to aid their research efforts.

A new initiative is for liaison librarians to prepare a library research guide for departmental core courses, and use it as a teaching tool whether for classroom instruction, evening clinics or individual consultations.