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Jefferson Statue 

Goal: The USMA Library partners with faculty and staff to equip cadets with the information fluency skills to conduct meaningful scholarship while becoming life-long learners, critical thinkers, and effective leaders.

  • Pursue collaboration with the Mounger Writing Center on cadet Instruction.
    • We will work to cross-promote and integrate instruction and other advisory services for cadets working on assignments involving research and writing.
  • Develop a firstie-year experience.
    • Like our plebe-year experience, we will consider and develop an integrated program to support firsties and their unique library requirements to include their capstone experiences.
  • Develop relationship with the United States Corps of Cadets (USCC).
    • As part of this effort, we will develop an award/incentive structure to encourage plebe engagement with the Library along with working with the leadership of USCC to provide opportunities to increase awareness of library resources and assistance to cadets.

Goal: The USMA Library acquires, makes available, and maintains outstanding academic information resources designed to support the curriculum.

  • Develop a plan for our next generation of Integrated Library Systems.
    • We will investigate market options and determine a path forward in order to replace our legacly ILS with a new, fully-compliant system. This ojective will require planning for resoures to manage the transition and development of a statement of work to cover the new system.
  • Implement a digital repository.
    • We have acquired a digital repository system for scholarly information and wil implement and market the system fo use by cadets and faculty. We will also work to implement an open access policy in cooperation with the Office of the Dean and the Staff Judge Advocate.
  • Develop a systematic plan for preservation and restoration of materials.
    • We will identify a preservation binding company and a plan for working through our most critical preservation/restoration needs.

Goal: The USMA Library offers a collaborative, engaging place for scholarship, study, and the pursuit of academic excellence.

  • Evaluate our physical signage and revise as necessary.
    • With the addition of digital signs in Jefferson Hall, we will do a systematic survey of all signage and adjust signage as necessary with an eye to minimal, but effective building wayfinding.
  • Moving the library administrative offices to the third floor of Jefferson Hall.
    • We will centralize all library staff within library footprints in Jefferson/Bartlett Halls, and allow for reconfiguration of space outside the library security perimeter within Jefferson to better support other operations of the Office of the Dean.
  • Complete acoustical ceiling treatments on the sixth floor and the first-floor hallways.
    • We will seek funding to complete acoustical ceiling treatments on the first floor and sixth floor to improve facility usability and noise management.

Goal: The USMA Library curates and shares the story and history of West Point and the Academy with the world.

  • Explore a workflow to capture social media for records management.
    • We will sork to develop a systematic way to capture social media content for archival purposes.

Goal: The USMA Library delivers timely and effective digital and place-based service to support study, scholarship, and intellectual development.

  • Build collaborative partnerships with domestic and international institutions.
    • We will work to develop a new program with the Library of Congress to deliver expanded services for cadets, faculty, and staff.
  • Implement service kiosks within Jeffereson Hall for real-time assistance.
    • We will create in-building chat kiosks for users to communicate with the service floor coordinator from other floors.

Goal: The USMA Library builds and maintains a robust, diverse suite of digital tools and infrastructure to support innovative academic information service.

  • Redesign the eternal website.
    • We will plan, design, and implement a new external, public website by June 2018, with preview available online in Spring 2018. This will include assessment of the current site and integration of new functionality (i.e. digital Journal browsing).
  • Plan and develop a mobile app for interacting with library services.
    • We will consider how best to deliver services directly to mobile devices and work with a third-party to develop an app/website to deliver this service.

Goal: The USMA Library studies and shares the effectiveness, impact, and value of information services to support the mission of USMA

  • Develop and execute an assessment plan for the first-year experience.
    • Building upon our work to develop a plebe-year experience, we will work to develop an assessment program to track effectiveness and value over time and across courses.

Goal: The USMA Library develops and manages human and financial resources to support delivery of outstanding information service.

  • Develop a framework for all-library staff development opportunities and skill development.
    • We will develop an overall framework to support staff development, both with events on-site, as well as guidance for participating in off-site development activities.
  • Develop comprehensive new employee orientation and training plans.
    • We will develop and maintain a regular program to bring new employees onboard and to ensure their acquisition of all appropriate skills during their orientation period.


The proponent for this Dean’s Policy Operating Memorandum is the Librarian and Associate Dean, USMA, USMA Library, Office of the Dean, MADN-LIB, x3833.

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