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Collaborative Rooms


Rooms are available on a first come first serve basis. Cadets may not reserve study rooms. Cadets must have a group of 3 or more for room checkout. Not all need to be present to request the key, but they all need to be in the room within 30 minutes. Rooms that are noted to have less than 3 patrons will be relinqished to groups of 3 or more.

Exceptions: Patrons that need to study a language out loud or rehearse a speech out loud will be allowed the room for that purpose.


Faculty may reserve rooms by contacting x8301.
An instructor may reserve rooms for no more than 5 classes per semester.

All rooms must be left in neat and orderly condition. Lights and electrical devices should be turned off upon departure.

Keys must be returned to the circulation desk by the patron who checked out the room and returned by closing time of the same day the room was checked out.

For Haig Room questions or reservations please contact the Library administrative office at x8301.

Room    Seats Computer Display VTC
JH 301 18 Yes Overhead Projector Yes
JH 302 4
Plasma Screen No
JH 303 4
Plasma Screen No
JH 401 18 Yes Overhead Projector Yes
JH 402 4
Plasma Screen No
JH 403 4
Plasma Screen No
JH 501 8 Yes Plasma Screen No
JH 502 4
Plasma Screen No
JH 503 4
Plasma Screen No
JH 513 12
Overhead Projector No
JH 514 35 Yes Overhead Projector & Plasma Screens No

All rooms exept JH513 can accomodate CD Audio, audio-in-via 1/8 mini-plug, VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray.
All rooms except JH513 have VGA connections for instructor's laptop.