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Marathon : Adam Irons

Cadet Adam Irons
Class Of: 2014

Company: D-4

Major: Economics

Best Marathon Time: 2:48:30
Hometown: Bentonville, Arizona

Boston Marathon Qualifier:  2:54

Per Mile Pace: 6 min 40 sec
About Cadet Adam Irons: He's not averse to running barefoot and, given the chance, would like to run against Usain Bolt with a 30 meter head start in a 100-meter race.

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: "It feels amazing to be part of the run. There is a lot of tradition and hype behind the Ball Run, so everyone on the team looks forward to the event. The team also takes pride in the fact that we can be in the Army-Navy events in general."