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Marathon : Ben Karn

Cadet Ben Karn
Class Of: 2013

Company: A-3

Major: International Relations

Best Marathon Time: 2:57:36
Hometown: Marysville, Ohio

Boston Marathon Qualifier: 2:57

Per Mile Page: 6 min 46 sec
About Cadet Ben Karn: He's been running since the 7th grade because he thought it was the only thing he was good at doing; he would improve through middle school and high school cross country. From the flatlands of Ohio, Karn said the biggest challenge was tackling the hills at West Point and has come to enjoy them. One of his proudest achievements as a cadet was attending the Sapper Leader Course ("It was some outstanding, all-encompassing training. I learned a lot as far as technical skills, but I also learned a lot about myself.").

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: "During home football games and the Army-Navy game, the Corps of Cadets will perform parades and march-on formations to support the Army football team and show their spirit. While they're doing that, the Marathon team is usually out training for our marathon. Doing the Ball Run is our way of showing our support and spirit for the Army football team. Having this special opportunity is really a privilege for us, and I enjoy it."