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Mathematical Sciences Major

The mathematical sciences embody those areas of mathematics which have strong interdependence with other disciplines. Their purpose is to clarify concepts and describe scentific phenomena through symbolic language and the rules for its use. Its scope spans the total breadth of knowledge that is capable of being quantified. The full process of the mathematical sciences has expanded from their historical ties with the physical sciences to now include areas such as:  the biological, sociological, behavioral, and computer sciences; operations research; and all engineering fields.
Military Applications of Mathematics
Mathematics and the ability to use it are particularly important to Army officers, who are leading Soldiers in a complex and increasingly technical world. A successful career depends upon one’s ability to assimilate knowledge from many fields and to apply it to a wide variety of social and technical problems. Mathematics is the common vehicle of thought and expression that enables the leader to model and solve quantifiable problems whether at the platoon or at the Department of the Army level.