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The Department of Mathematical Sciences hosts several research and professional development seminars.  The following groups host seminars:

  • Center for Data Analysis and Statistics (CDAS)
    • POC:  MAJ Chris Collins and LTC Krista Watts
    • Purpose: Promote the development of expertise in applying statistical methods to applied problems.


  • Center for Faculty Development (CFD)
    • POC:  MAJ Dave Harness and Dr. Kayla Blyman
    • Purpose: Promote the development of expertise in pedagogical practice.


  • Differential Equations Seminar (DES)
    • POC: Fr. Gabe Costa
    • Purpose: Create a community of interest around research related to and the use of differential equations.
    • Meetings:  See the schedule below.


  • Math of Operations Research (Math of OR)
    • POC:  Dr. Bill Pulleyblank and COL Mike Yankovich
    • Purpose:  Provide an outlet for current faculty members to share their on-going research, particularly the application of operations research methods, to applied problems.


  • Minorities in Mathematics Speaker Series (MIMSS) 
    • POC: Dr. Sam Ivy
    • Purpose:  Provide a forum to host guest lectures featuring the achievements and contributions of minorities in the mathematical sciences and related fields.


  • Network Science Center (NSC)
    • POC:  LTC Jon Roginski and Dr. Bill Pulleyblank
    • Purpose: Create a community of interest around the study of network representations of physical, biological, and social phenomena leading to predictive models.
    • Meetings:  Brown Bag seminars every other Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.  (Contact Dr. Pulleyblank for dates, topics, and location.)


This table lists the seminars hosted by CDAS, CFD, and Math of OR.  All of these seminars take place on Thursday afternoons from 14:00 to 14:55.  Others listed are for informational purpose.

Spring 2018 Events​
Date Location​ ​Host ​Presenter ​Topic ​​
​19 Jan* (Fri) ​TH120 ​Math of OR ​Mr. David Clolinger (Professional Trader) and Mr. Jean-Philippe Belanger (PNT Financial)  Mathematical and Statistical Modeling of Trading Strategies
​25 Jan ​TBD ​CDAS

​CPT Steven Morse,


​Special Topics in R: Exploring the Tidy-Verse
​01 Feb ​TH120 ​CFD

​Dr. Mindy Maris,

Univ. of Southern Vermont

​Assessing learning: how to get and implement feeback from students
​08 Feb ​TH120 ​D/Math

​Core Math Course

Associate Program DirectorsProgram Directors

​State of the Department Briefings (MA100, MA103, MA153, MA205)
​15 Feb TBD ​CDAS

​Mr. JD Long

Data Scientist, Stack Overflow

Deep Learning
22 Feb​ ​TH120 ​CFD

CPT Zach Griffiths,


​Retired Flag Officers and Presidential Endorsements: Motivations & Pay-Offs
​01 Mar TBD ​Math of OR
​LTC Kristin Arney,
​Dissertation Defense Rehearsal
​08 Mar ​TH120 ​Math of OR

MAJ Karoline Hood and CPT Patrick Kuiper,


​Natural Language Processing
​22 Mar TBD ​CDAS

​CPT Dusty Turner,


​Web Scraping
29 Mar ​TH120 ​MIMSS

​Dr. Frank Wattenberg and LTC Kristin Arney,


Teaching through Alternative Assessments​
​05 Apr ​TH120 ​CFD

​Dr. Angelynn Alvarez,

SUNY Potsdam

​Error Correcting Codes: the SIR Model for an Epidemic in Differential Equations
​12 Apr ​TH120 CFD​

​LTC David Hughes

D/SysEngr USMA

An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Determine the Optimal Substitution Strategy for Basketball
​26 Apr TBD ​CDAS

​Mr. David Robinson,

Data Scientist, Stack Overflow

​Natural Language / Text Processing
​03 May ​TH120 ​CFD

​COL Joseph Lindquist,


​Applications of Excel Pivot Tables
​10 May ​TH120 ​CFD

​MAJ Russ Nelson and CPT Jay Sharritt,


​Comparative Analysis of the Legacy and Blended Military Retirement Systems