Survival Swimming (PE320-322)

Course Director: Mr. John McVan

If you are interested in attending USMA or have already been accepted as a cadet candidate, please watch the video below:

USMA Survival Swim Preparation

The Survival Swimming Program is a 19 lesson required course offering, designed to develop theatre specific survival swimming proficiency. Offered as part of five different progressive delivery systems BASED ON ENTRY LEVEL ABILITY (PE109: Fundamentals of Aquatics, PE320: Survival Swimming - Elementary, PE321: Survival Swimming - Low - Intermediate, PE322: Survival Swimming - High, PE323: Survival Swimming - Advanced); the course syllabus is divided into two curriculum tracks: basic stroke development and combat survival swimming.  Emphasis is universally focused on elements of conditional acclimatization (both flat water and surf), breath control, basic locomotion, buoyancy positions, stroke instruction/refinement, and the development of sound “real world” analysis and decision making when faced with operational water survival implications.

Lesson    Subject Matter 
1 Orientation, 150yd Swim Validation, Rudimentary Skills Introduction
2 Sculling/Finning, Buoyancy Progressions, Survival Floating, Treading Water
3  Survival Gate # 1, Elementary Backstroke Intro, Skill Conditioning 
4 Elementary Backstroke Benchmark, Freestyle Breathing/Balance Drills 
5  Freestyle Full Stroke Reps, Stroke Specific Conditioning 
6 Freestyle Benchmark, Breastroke Intro, Stroke Specific Conditioning 
7 Breaststroke Benchmark, Intro Sidestroke, Underwater Swimming Intro 
8 Sidestroke Benchmark, ACU Swimming, Bob & Travel Intro 
9 Stroke Continuation Option, Equipment Intro: Bottom/Surface Options 
10 Bob & Travel, Wet Carry Progressions, Skill Combo Iterations 
11 Survival Gate #2, Clothing Inflation Progressions, Tower Intro 
12 Wave Pool Introduction, ACU Swimming, Equipment Options, Wave Combo's 

Army Water Survival Swim Test  - Survival Gate # 3 Progressions

14 Survival Gate # 3, 10 meter optional entry, ACU specific conditioning 
15 Tactical Swim Training, Mask/Snorkel/Fins, Catch-Up Option 
16 Personal Water Safety, Active/Passive Options, Defenses/Escapes, Tows/Carrie
17 5 Minute OCP Survival Swim, Survival Gate # 4 Lead-Ups 
18 Survival Gate # 4 
19 10 Minute Swim, Benchmark Finalization, Course Summation 

For more information about the Survival Swimming Program, please view the video and the attached documents below.

DPE Survival Swimming Program Overview

Survival Swimming Course Syllabus

Combat Water Survival Swimming Lab Overview