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Minerva Project : Workshop 2013

Workshop on Methodological Advancements in the Study of Dark Networks
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Hosted by Minerva at West Point
September 5 & 6, 2013

Thayer Hotel
West Point, NY
Some of the most important international security threats stem from terror groups, criminal enterprises, and other violent non-state actors (VNSAs).  Because these groups are often structured as complex dark networks, analysts have begun to use network science to study them.  However, standard network tools were originally developed to examine companies, friendship groups, and other transparent networks.  The inherently clandestine nature of dark networks dictates that conventional analytical tools do not always apply.  Data on dark networks is incomplete, inaccurate, and often just difficult to find.  Moreover, dark networks are often organized to undertake fundamentally different tasks than transparent networks, so resources and information may follow different paths through these two types of networks.  Given the distinctive characteristics of dark networks, unique tools are needed to understand these structures.  The goal of this workshop is to bring together network methodologists to present recent and cutting-edge developments in social science to illuminate dark networks.
The schedule for the workshop can be found by clicking on the following link, Schedule.pdfSchedule.pdf.
Registration is free, but space is limited.  Please email Dr. Luke Gerdes to reserve a seat.