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Mathematical Sciences Center of Excellence : Davies Fellowship Program

Davies Postdoctoral Fellowship Program


Each year, Davies Fellows teach one semester at USMA under the guidance of a senior civilian professor in the Math Department and then conduct research for a semester (and during the summer) under the mentorship of an Army Research Laboratory (ARL) scientist. This program offers valuable post-doctoral experience for mathematicians (to include those with operations research & statistics degrees) early in their careers to work with experienced researchers, publish their results, and increase their experience and development in teaching mathematics. The success of previous Davies Fellows, both in terms of research productivity and obtaining further jobs, has been very impressive.

The program provides three years of a combination of teaching and research during the academic year and research in the summers. Each associate has a teaching mentor at USMA and a postdoctoral research advisor from ARL. The teaching requirement in mathematics at USMA normally involves teaching three sections (54 students) one semester in one undergraduate mathematics course (calculus, differential equations, dynamical systems, probability and statistics, etc.). The following semester and the entire summer are supported by ARL for research.

General Information
  • Most Davies Fellows teach 3 sections of one course during the "teaching" semester. A section typically has 15-18 students.
  • During the first summer, they will complete the department's Faculty Development Workshop (FDW). FDW introduces Fellows to the Military Academy and prepares our instructors to teach.
  • Both civilian and military faculty serve the Academy in a number of ways beyond teaching. These include serving as advisors to class cadets, representatives and coaches for sports teams, members of Values Education Teams, and Honor Mentors. These roles offer limitless opportunities to work closely with future officers and to participate in areas of special interest to the faculty member.

Typical Assignment for a Davies Fellow

First Summer: Complete Faculty Development Workshop (FDW). Establish coordination with ARL research advisor and USMA teaching advisor.

First Academic Semester: Begin research with ARL Advisor. Travel to the ARL laboratory as necessary for coordination meetings or to conduct research if needed. There is also opportunities to participate in cadet development (i.e., Club Representative, Honor Mentor Program, Academic Counselor). The new Davies Fellows present their research proposal in a formal manner at the ARL/USMA Technical Symposium that is conducted each November.

Second Academic Semester: Teach a core course. Core courses are: MA103, Mathematical Modeling and Introduction to Calculus, and MA104, Differential Calculus, for the 4th class cadets (freshman); and MA205, Integral Calculus and Introduction to Differential Equations, and MA206, Probability and Statistics, for the 3rd class cadets (sophomores).

Second Summer: Continue research with ARL Advisor. Prepare research paper and presentation for the ARL/USMA Technical Symposium that is conducted each November.

Second Academic Year: Continues more or less as the first. One semester is earmarked for research and one for teaching. During the teaching semester the Fellows assume greater responsibilities in the department such as Team Leader, Assistant Department Academic Counselor, etc. Expand participation in cadet development and research activities. Once again the Davies Fellows have an opportunity to showcase their research at the ARL/USMA Technical Symposium.

Third Academic Year: This year includes one semester of teaching and one for research. However, they sometimes switched so that research is conducted during the Spring Semester. This allows the Davies Fellows a more flexible schedule to pursue their follow-on careers.

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