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Mule Team : Mules

Meet the Mules
Ranger III, who was formerly known as Jack, stands over 16 hands tall and is one of the two current Army Mules that were commissioned into service in 2011. He was trained by U.S. Army Major Anne Hessinger, who was a veterinarian at West Point from 2003-2006. Ranger is named, like his predecessors, for the 75th Ranger Regiment as well as all past and present Army Rangers. Ranger was given to the academy as a gift by Steve Townes, USMA 1975.

Stryker, who was formerly known as Abe, is a half brother to Ranger III and stands just slightly shorter than him. With a slightly calmer personality than his ranger-qualified brother, Stryker was also trained by MAJ Hessinger and donated by Steve Townes. In addition to his smaller size, Stryker can be identified by the fact that he has a forelock, while Ranger does not.